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I’m not a girl, I’m definitely a woman
As I’m nearing
the end of my 20s, I’m really seeing the distinction between a girl and a
woman. A lot of my
friends in my age group that are not yet parents, myself included, feel like
we are still “forever 21”. However, lately I've really started to realis...

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Quick update from Marinda!
My gosh! I can't believe we have neglected our dear blog for a good seven months! Which also goes to show how time really flies! I guess we were both just little miss perfectionists and felt like everything had to be perfect before we can publish a post and...

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My Life Changing Year; 2014
I honestly find it close to impossible to sum up everything that has happened in the past 365 days. This year has definitely been the most fulfilling, action packed year of my life to date but most importantly, it's the year where I have matured the most an...

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Pure Glow Cleanse - sponsored review
Are you ready to get your glow on? On Monday, I did a cleanse called Pure Glow Cleanse which was started by two lovely ladies from Perth. They use the best quality produce and equipment to produce amazing detox juice cleanses to give you great health, energ...

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It's All About the Vision
And the why. It's all about the vision and the why. When you have a strong enough why, you'll stop at nothing to attain it. When your vision is so clear in your mind, no setbacks will hold you back. We've had to detour time after time, make a step forward a...

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Marinda Leigh's Year of Self Development Part II
What has been driving us for the past year? In the previous post on self development , we attributed the start to the "dog guy" who really compelled us to seriously look at ourselves and our social skills. But it goes so much deeper than that. It really is ...

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Marinda Leigh's Year of Self Development
We've spent the last year on so much self development that we've probably become maybe a bit too obsessive. From courses to gravitating towards successful entrepreneurs to constant reading and learning, it fills our days up! But really, can one get too obse...

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Lost Souls Claremont
Had an absolute blast at the Lost Souls boutique at Times Square Claremont last week! Lost Souls is a designer boutique - home to amazing local and international labels such as - Zhivago, Jonte, Minty Meets Munt and soo much more!   Enjoy these outfits styl...

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Chantelle & Co. Launch Party
A party on a Monday night? Who would do something like that? Well, Chantelle & Co. Image Consultancy had their Official Launch party on Monday night this week. And what a turnout and amazing event it was! Held at the premier dining location, Sushia Izakaya ...

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Etiquette: Shaking Hands with a Woman
Ever since I entered the "adult" world when I was 18, I've always had
a great disdain for shaking hands. I don't like coming into contact
with what I perceive as someone's dirty hand. The feeling that I'm left
with after a sweaty handshake makes me sick ...
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