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Bryan J Busch
My boss is a Gallifreyan criminal.
My boss is a Gallifreyan criminal.

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This is just the 2 minute break I needed.

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Thorough, with an excellent conclusion.

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I love the "Safe to spend" feature, and I might love how it chooses savings products for you based on your goals.
BankSimple is the most exciting webapp I can't wait to try. And it's a bank. Here's what it looks like:

Read more on the BankSimple blog:

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I'm looking forward to a big hollywood movie that hires an a capella group to do the soundtrack.

From what I can tell, the new Neal Stephenson book is available as an audiobook, but only on CD.

This may be the most confused I've been in all of 2011.

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Rock and roll.

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Happy Birthday, Star Trek

Chakotay's Rock

The Internet connection isn't reliable. It goes down a lot.

"Try resetting your modem. Did that fix the problem?"

Yes, but only temporarily. It goes down a lot.

"Your router is working properly. Thanks for calling."

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Is this a threat of murder or a promise of immortality?
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