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Vue.js and Spring Boot - A Perfect Combination
Last week while working for my client I had the problem that after a deployment not all services were running. We don't have a monitoring in place because the system isn't in production right now. So what to do? After looking at several monitoring tools I c...

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How to Send Mails in ASP .NET 5 on Azure
Unfortunately neither SendGrid nor System.Net.Mail is supported in the actual version of ASP .NET 5 (RC). So how to send mails then? One solution is to use MailKit To use MailKit just add "MailKit": "1.3.0-beta5" to you...

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Logging in ASP .NET 5 on Azure
Currently ASP .NET 5 is not able to log on Azure. Fortunately there is a workaround described here The trick is to use  Serilog an open source logging framework for the .NET platform.

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ASP .NET 5 Continuous Deployment from Visual Studio Online to Azure
ASP .NET 5 uses DNX and the standard build in Visual Studio Code does not work. You have to create your on build as describe in this article: But in the tutorial there is missing one impor...

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Rules for Programmers and Does the Developers Age Matter
I found two very interesting articles. The first one (in German) discusses if the age of a developer matters and what the pros and cons are of young or old. In the second you will find 1...

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Which parts of Java EE belong to the application server?
Yesterday I was at the Developer Day of Swiss Railways. Florian Seidl talked about future enterprise software architecture where he doubt that the application still plays a central role in Java EE. A lot of people argue that it is a pain to relay on a out d...

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Contract First Web Service with NetBeans
From time to time I have to implement some SOAP based web services. Usually these web services are used for application integration so the contract first approach is used where one creates the WSDL  document first. To create the server stub from the WSDL do...

Hi all, I'm teaching Java EE using NetBeans, GlassFish and Derby at the University of Applied Science in Berne, Switzerland.

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Include XML Schema Reference in XML to get IDE Code Completion
One thing that I find very often is the missing XML schema reference in XML files. The advantage of including the reference is code completion in your IDE because with the xml schema the IDE knows about the structure of the XML document. Example: <?xml vers...

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Another reason for using NetBeans: JPQL code completion
Beside the superb support of Maven and JavaScript NetBeans has another very useful feature for developers using JPA.  JPQL code completion inside a String when creating JPA queries:
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