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PhD VIVA what to expect
Assalamualaikum and Olla! It's almost 4 years I'm living in Newcastle. I came here on the 15th of October 2012, started my Ph.D. a day after. It was a bit of a rush. At that time I was waiting for the cheque from MARA that was why I registered 2 weeks late....

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Clown dan Dia Si Gadis Unicorn
Me: I keep on listening to this song. On repeat for a few days. It makes me emotional.  Him: Why? Me: I checked on the lyrics. It is a sad song. People don't care about his (singer) feeling. People don't care about his problem. People don't bother, but yet ...

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how did I start blogging? Writing has been very synonyms with me. It is like a soothing tool for my soul. I don't know why but the best logic I could come out is; it relates to the way my brain works. It is bursting with lots of thoughts, questions,  and id...

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Dia Si Gadis 'Unicorn' Part 2
Dia Si Gadis
Unicorn 2 Esoknya 
Irina  sudah  ke 
pejabat. Langsung  tidak  mengendahkan 
nasihat  Ray  supaya 
dia  mengambil  cuti. Matanya 
tertancap  pada  skrin 
komputer. Menganalisa  data  prestasi 
bahan  bangunan  yang 
dia  sedang  bangunkan 

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Dia Si Gadis Unicorn Part 1
Dia Si Gadis ‘Unicorn’ Part 1 “ Straight
face. Emotionless. All business . ” Figura 
gadis  bernama  Irina 
diperhatikan  oleh  Ray. Irina 
yang  selalu  lewat 
ke  pejabat  tapi 
langsung  tidak  pernah 
menunjukkan  riak  bersalah. Rakan  sepejabat 
yang ...

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in the end
From every corner of my life I find this verse is true. It keep coming back to me like a tennis ball in a squash court. The harder i hit the ball, the harder its hitting me back. I'm not pious, but i'm observant introvert who loves being in her own solidari...

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Command for Prayer in Quran
Assalamualaikum !  Its almost the end of Ramadan month. I know 'puasa 20 jam' had been quite popular off late. hehe. Fasting in a four seasons countries - the month of Ramadan keep on shifting from one season to slowly routing for all year round. When I was...

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Dating An English Gentleman
" Duduk England lama-lama tak ada pakwe mat saleh ke ? " " Mana pakwe mata biru ? " " Dah lama kat sana tu.... tak kan lah tak boleh bawa balik sorang yang mata biru ke hijau ke... " cliche ? Sounds familiar ? I know people have expectations on you and I do...

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Spring blooms into beautiful you
20.04.2015/ Spring  London Hyde Park  Woken up at 5.00 am for Subuh prayer. Its already bright outside but sunrise was at 5.52 am and Subuh prayer fall at 3.43 am, ended by 5.52 am.. Honestly it kind of a struggle to make it for the Subuh prayer during late...

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Saat cemas banjir 2014
I dont know the real news coverage about flood in Kelantan but I know the real situation there. A lot of the news covered stories in Kota Bharu. This year, we have benteng sepanjang Sungai Kelantan di sebelah Kota Bharu, tidak di sebelah Kampung Laut. Jadi ...
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