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A reminder of a conversation I had on 9/11. 
On 9/11, very late that night, I called some of my friends we gathered in a downtown café/bar. There was me, Malek my Morroccan best friend and Yassine, Syrian. We used to hang out regularly and discuss politics and sports. Mostly sports. But not that night.
Conversation went something like that:

Me: Malek, you never shave on a weekday you're too lazy.
Malek: Yeah but...*he points to the TV showing the attacks non-stop*
Me: You're Berber, you'd look like a terrorist even if you bleached your skin and dyed your hair platinum blonde!
Yassine: So, who do you think...?
Me and Malek looked at each other and said at the same time: The Arabicans! ( which was our derrogatory term for people from Saudi, Yemen, Oman... the entire Arabian peninsula ).
Yassine: They will want to retaliate...
Malek: They won't blow up the oil.
Yassine: Great! They'll come after Syria! We're the safe one!
Malek: They attack Syria and Israel is off the map, bad PR. Not gonna happen.
Me: Why not Libya? Khaddaffi is the perfect scape goat.
Malek: Libya keeps the rest of North Africa on the American side. They are not that stupid.
Yassine: There is always the persians.
Malek: Also bad PR. They need Iran to remain the big bad wolf, the israeli government bases their entire platform on keeping them safe from Iran. Iran goes and then what? No more excuses for keeping the status quo.
Me: Iraq?
Malek: they will want to finish the first gulf war. But how they will they implicate Saddam? It is not his SOP... I mean, if they had gone dirty bombing, but planes? Too simple...
Me: The stans? They could try a two for one with Islam and ex-Soviets...

By this time we were half way drunk and I don't really recall the rest of the conversation. But I can assure you that there were other conversations like this all over the world. Random muslims and arabs wondering "what now? Where will it start?"

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ahhhh...... +Pierre Phaneuf 
Aston Martin - Astonmania
As many are still celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, we're going to continue the theme of special festive galleries. This one is for all the millions of fans of one of Britain's finest marques and is called Astonmania!, it has been split into two parts, enjoy part one.

#astonmartin   #supercars   #sportscar   #car  
Astonmania Part One
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Found on Reddit, source unknown.

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As computer people, we have collectively failed the non-computer people.  Scratch that - we've failed ourselves, too.

Dear googly people: I want to "sort by" whatever my gmail. I have a cricket bat to the head of whoever will tell me use search instead. 

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London May 25th 2014
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