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2018: Year in Review
ok so 2018 is very close to grinding to a halt, here are some small tidbits of what I did during the year that was 2018.
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Some clouds from july

in a community i have joined i uploaded some photos and they look amazing...however i cannot change the album name or arrange the there a way to arrange images at all?

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some very recent screens from a flight to EKCH from ESSA in 734 default fs2004video here
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hot off the press

Hey blitz brigade when I collect a battle crate that falls from a plane I get a battle box thing that gives you free tanks and trucks and helicopters and the like. Where inside the game menus do
I unlock the boxes and how do I use the instant heal or use in game

Hey thanks to all my YouTube subscribers for all the support you've given me over the years
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Hope you like

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Hey wassup
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