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When it comes buying a wig to satisfy your fantastic Halloween hairstyle, the biggest question clients should ask themselves is, “Will the price of the wig justify the use gotten out of the wig?”  So unless you are in to cos-play or competing in a high-end costume contest, when it comes to Halloween hairstyles for the average client, Bella Beauty College recommends the cheaper, pre-styled, wear it once a year, synthetic wig.  If you have a wig that needs styling come to Bella Beauty College in Waco, sit down with our beauty school students and talk with our experienced instructors. 

To read more on this story and for other tips and tricks of the trade, find Waco Bella Beauty College online at

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BACK TO SCHOOL is just around the corner!  Let the students at our beauty school in Waco give you the trendy hairstyle you need to rock your first day of school!  Back to School Haircuts are only $4 for all students K-12 until the end of August.  And ask about our Fall Tuition Discounts for classes in Cosmetology, Esthetics & Manicuring!

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Don't forget dear old dad this Father's Day. Stop by our beauty school in South Austin anytime this week to pamper your pop with a Haircut & Pedicure for just $15!
For more deals and to see what other services we offer to the public, find us online at

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Students at our beauty school in Waco can get you ready for prom or any other special event you have coming up, with elegant hairstyles and fabulous nails!  For more information on Bella Beauty College and the services we offer, check out

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Make your birthday party BOLD, BRILLIANT & BEAUTIFUL at Bella Beauty College!

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Looking for a HOT Makeover to shake things up this spring?  Hair, Skin, Nails. . . at BELLA we do it all.  Swing by our beauty school in Waco and get the look you desire!

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ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Have you bought your ticket to the IMAGE EXPO Houston Hair Show yet? If not you better hurry, the prices go up on Wednesday! 

So what are you most looking forward to at this year's show? Comment below to let us know. . .

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Bella Beauty College Waco Salon Recreates Magazine Look for Hairstyles
Waco, TX – January 27th, 2014 – Bella Beauty College, one of the most popular Waco salons is now offering the service of recreating magazine looks.
The Bella Beauty College started providing this service after they observed that most of their customers found inspiration from particular actresses or models whose looks they wanted to emulate. 
The spokesperson from Bella Beauty College was excited about this new addition.
“We wanted to convey to our customers that bringing in a magazine clipping or an image to show us what they prefer is not only acceptable but encouraged. It is the best way for the stylist and the client to reach the best results,” said Linda Colwell, Bella Beauty College CEO.
This service by the Waco salon was made to not only foster better communication with clients, but also keep abreast of the constantly changing hair style trends. Trends such as the color Ombre and bangs are ever changing and every customer has their own preference. Bella stylists have observed the changes in these trends but know there can be a problem in conveying certain aspects of the look such as a particular shade of color.
This service will not only be provided for a particular color but may also extend to haircuts and styles. Haircuts can be tricky to convey especially for people who want a particular style. In order to get an accurate look which imitates that of a particular celebrity a visual aid will definitely help the procedure. 
This method will also be helpful when it comes to hair styles such as up-dos and buns, and will allow customers to get creative, especially when they often think that certain looks can only be achieved by celebrities and that they will have to pay more money in order to get a particular celeb’s look.
“We want to make glamour more accessible for everyone and allow our customers to think out of the box when it comes to styling or coloring their hair,” Colwell said.
Visual references are thoroughly discussed with the customer before the treatment for any adjustments or modifications according to the skin tone and shape of the face. This way stylist and customer can determine whether the look in the magazine will look good on the customer. 
Customers may have warmer or cooler tones in their skin and not every magazine color will look the same on them. Additionally when the amount of Photoshop used to doctor the picture is considered, the end result for the client could look much different – not better, not worse, but different from the expectations of the magazine picture. By working with customers at the Waco salon Bella stylists can set a realistic, yet equally stunning version of the desired image.
Bella Beauty College and the Waco salon have observed that bangs are on the rise as a result of Michelle Obama’s current hairstyle. In addition, customers were also asking for wavy hair or styles which would add volume to their current hair. “We believe that the bangs look is going to continue at least until the summer and the continuation of the ombre trend is dependent on the next trend around the corner,” Colwell said.
Bella Beauty College has already observed some proactive customers bringing in images and wanting the Waco Salon experts to recreate them. 
“We love the look on their faces when they can’t believe they have a celebrity look,” said a Bella stylist.  “It helps them stand out from the crowd, and we want to encourage people and let them know that experts at the Waco Salon have the skills that can give them the glamorous looks they see in magazines.”
About the Bella Beauty College
The Bella Beauty College currently has salons in five locations including Austin North, Austin South, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Waco. Bella Beauty College has been very successful in these areas and has managed to create a loyal customer base in each to feed the growing student base.
In addition to client services, Bella Beauty College also serves as a beauty school where they provide Cosmetology certification to aspiring stylists. The courses offered currently fall under three categories which are hair, skin and nails. In addition, individuals may even apply to obtain certification and training to be a tutor, which spans 500 hours for professionals and 750 for apprentices.
Bella Beauty College, Waco
3110 Franklin Ave. Waco, TX 76710

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Bella Beauty College Explains Qualities They Look for in a Student
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