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Religious Sheds Week: Hilda
We're running a week-long series of posts over the next five days celebrating the overlap between sheds and religion. To start us off, here is ' Hilda ' (more images at the link) entered this year for the first time in the Shed of the Year competition, a sh...

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Storm Doris vs garden offices and sheds
This garden office has been far out at sea all day The daffodils crashing through darkness, the booming hydrangea Winds stampeding the WiFi… — Tom Chatfield (@TomChatfield) February 23, 2017 I am feeling a tad vulnerable in my garden office right now! There...

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Horizontal bookcase
Bookcase is a bookshelf conceived horizontally, where books can be
arrange flat. The wooden structure suggests the simple shape of a tree
trunk cut into planks. This superposition principle and this visual
effect of « empty and full » changes our percept...

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'Garden office' coworking space: Second Home, Lisbon
Putting the 'garden' in 'garden office' is Second Home's new coworking space in Lisbon, put together by architects SelgasCano, the folk behind this stylish forest shedworking project. At 1,115 square metres it's a little bigger than your normal garden offic...

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Can I claim tax relief for a garden office?
A useful short guide to this thorny subject is available at Northamptonshire-based KRW Accountants' website but in summary they argue that: Tax relief cannot usually be claimed on the cost of a garden office building However, tax relief can be claimed on fu...

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Shed of the Year 2017: Entries open
It's that time again. The annual Shed of the Year competition is now open for entries (closing date May 15) - you need to send in at least two images and a few words about your shedlike atmosphere and be a resident of the UK, although there is an Internatio...

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Medieval shelfies
The appreciation of the aesthetic value of books and bookcases is not
just a modern day phenomenon. Medieval manuscripts contain many images
which depict books being stored in various styles of bookcases and
shelves. Certain physical features of manuscri...

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Where are they now: Tent
In the first of a new irregular series taking a look at the progress of successful shedworkers, we revisit Northumberland-based brand, design and marketing agency Tent who we featured six years ago when Dominic and Sarah first began working in their garden ...

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Shed Box of Delights: Crossroads Garden Shed
Every year the 'that's not a shed' cry can be heard on the interwebs when the Shed of the Year shortlistees are drawn up. So here's something to be going on with in the meantime which also falls neatly into our recent looks at shipping container sheds. The ...

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Ice Library of Wonders
The hopes and dreams of 1,000 people have been carved into massive blocks of ice for a new tourist attraction near the shore of Russia's Lake Baikal, in Siberia. "Last year we announced we would create the Ice Library of Wonders, and asked people to send us...
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