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Greg Hallett explains, why the British "Queen" Elizabeth has only "Color of Law" styles and titles. His research is very important, and you should not miss watching this video, and reading his books "The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose", available here
The Royal Chart is available here

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Don't miss Greg Hallett's information.
The books "The Hidden King of England" are available here:

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Greg Hallett explains, why the current British Monarchy is illegitimate !

Get the Genealogy Chart

Buy the books

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Greg Hallett:
The British Royal Family is Colour of Law only

Get the books at

More infos

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Greg Hallett - Wow !

Please distribute and share, thanks. More infos at

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The genealogy chart is available here

Greg Hallett's research can be found at

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Don't miss Greg Hallett's talk on SATURDAY 20/08/2016

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Prince Williams is the son of the former King Juan Carlos of Spain, who had to abdicate when Greg Hallett broke the news
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Read the very important books "THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose"

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Greg Hallett gives the background information, why the Current British Royal Family is a fraud. Read also the 5-Volume series "The Hidden King of England". These books contain knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.

Also have a look at the Genealogy Chart
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