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Buffer over flow Vulnerability in iOS 9.3.1 below versions
                            I tried to find a bug in iOS 9.2. in all platforms like ipod, iphone, ipad.  After few tries i found an
buffer over flow bug which is causes to boot loop in iphone and
the bug will effects from the processor with the help of ke...

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Hey Readers, your favorite WhatsApp is now live on Desktop. Enjoy WhatsApp in PC without any Android emulators but there is some limitation and terms. Let's proceed further and see. Major limitation of WhatsApp Web is you can only use it in Google Chrome an...

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Popular bitcoin buying/selling connecting service  has been suffering from an extended outage this weekend, with its numerous users unable to access the website for hours. The service — no stranger to periods of downtime — has remained

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Biostart Going to Launch Crypto Mining Motherboard
The motherboard maker Biostar is apparently going to be launching
soon a dedicated crypto mining motherboard or as the call it a
“Professional Bitcoin Mining Machine”. The product called Biostar
BTC-24GH will use 64 ASIC chips on a single board that supp...

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                                   N0oB Edward Maya(1337 for Himself) Facebook Profile Few images of his noobidity has been disclosed which shows him begging Sen Hax0r (104 SuperMod) how to hack websites : Visit The below Link s for complete disclosure:  ht...

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Wikimedia “Cautious” About Wikipedia Accepting Bitcoin
A brief correspondence on Twitter between a man and Chairman of the
Wikimedia Foundation Jimmy Wales revealed that the organization that
cares for the Wikipedia only encyclopedia is “cautious” about accepting
bitcoin. No specific reasons were provided, t...

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Bitcoin Broker in Singapore Hoping For a ‘Light Touch’ on Regulation
The director of Singapore-based Bitcoin brokerage Coin Republic says
that city-state should approach the regulation of bitcoin and digital
currencies with a “light touch”, according to ZDNet. In the eyes of David Moskowitz, government-imposed regulation a...

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Things need to know Before Hacking/Pentesting Website
Before attacking(pentesting) a website we must need to gather
some important value and then mapping the attack surface. If we don’t
understand how the site is working, what is available on the site, what
type of input it takes etc then we will not be abl...

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LocalBitcoins Service Responds to Vulnerability Claims Following Reports of Missing Bitcoins
“Be advised that sellers and buyers have been reporting stolen funds
from their Localbitcoins wallet all day today,” posted a user on social
sharing website Reddit on Thursday. With a 30-character password and two-factor authentication, the user

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First UK Bitcoin ATMs Reportedly Hitting London in February
more shall the United Kingdom exist without the presence of a bitcoin
ATM. A new report indicates that two startups are racing to bring a
bitcoin kiosk to the country by next month. One of these start-ups
is aptly named Global Bitcoin ATM Ltd. With t...
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