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This is a totally awesome project. I've searched long for something like this. Let's hope every other app supports this watch.

One small critic: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power would be awesome. It'd improve the battery life of both the smartphone and the watch.
I can,t agree more. Common team use the new tech!
Agree! As a bluetooth + Bluetooth low energy developer I believe that Low Energy (actually called "Smart" these days) is the way to go for things like notifications/updates etc...all the transfers of small amounts of data. For larger data transfers Legacy Bluetooth or usb wire could be used.
Gus O
I agree as well. Also I think it would be nice if you could integrate Siri and texting with iPhone (you may need to email Tim Cook with that one however.)
+Gus O I know it's been a while since you posted, but Siri isn't really possible since a) No speakers and B) No mic. So All voice dictation is not possible. Also, I'm not even sure Siri can be used with bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth texting on the iPhone is just not gonna happen. It's nothing they can do, it's built into the iPhone. You cannot access text messages over bluetooth as Apple doesn't allow third party access. However, I'll be happy to use it on my Android phone. That is one feature I was excited about.
+Shane Jamerson I'm sure he's aware that Siri/SMS isn't possible as he jokingly suggested emailing Tim Cook about this.
Yup, got that information :-) Can't wait for september. I'd like to know if the battery life of the phone can/will be improved by this.
According to the announcement, they don't perceive any improvement in battery life. I ended up ordering two on the twofer plan. One for the gf so she won't be jealous. Can't wait for September!!
Still I wear a wrist watch on a regular basis....But soon I'll shift to a smart watch....
Can you make a in app purchase through the app store for watch app. I want to develop a app for this watch. I like the idea. One question can e-ink display bar-code that can be scan?
Love my new pebble watch ;-) 
Come on pebble. For a 'open project' you guys seem reticent to keep you g+ followers in the loop. Would it hurt to allocate a little time to posting updates and info for us on here...
I had to take a second look to see if I was still following them
iOS is a joke. But its a great watch. Waiting to see if I am getting this or a Samsung since I have a note. Still havent seen the steel in person. I want it to look professional not like it was 3d printed...
Love my Pebble SmartWatch! Way better than the so called "competition"!
+Matthew Curry, the steel does look great, not 3d printed at all. Got it about a week ago (black edition) and am really satisfied.
Love that I my pebble works with my Android work phone AND then with my iOS personal phone. SAMSUNG watch... Sorry.
what's the larger watchface in the pictures 
Don't expect an answer from Pebble on here Ralf...
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