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Jamie Swanson
Photography Marketing Teacher and Blogger & Wedding Photographer near Madison, Wisconsin
Photography Marketing Teacher and Blogger & Wedding Photographer near Madison, Wisconsin

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New, cleaner look for The Modern Tog (long overdue). Phase 1 "Make it mobile responsive" complete. Phase 2 is coming soon..... Check it out.

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G+ may still be around just fine.... interesting point of view.
An Ex-Googler: Walking Dead? Nope. Just Tiger Team Transition

+Matt Cruikshank is a very smart guy. He also used to work for Google. 

In his post at he takes apart line-by-line the TechCrunch post alleging that with the departure of +Vic Gundotra, Google+ staff are "walking dead" at Google.

Matt explains why staff reassignments, department shifts, and redeployments are normal for major projects at Google, where they take a tiger team approach: create a temporary team of high-energy fast-movers to get something launched, then reapportion that team and move the project into long-term development mode. 

That means that Google+ may indeed change significantly in the coming year. It may even mean some shifting in branding that might be a little disconcerting to people who are heavily invested into G+ as a social network. But the core of what has been built into Google via the Google+ project is not only not dead, it's alive and well and has only just begun to show its true value.

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How much does it cost to start a photography business?

Leave a guess in the comments below, then go check it out in the post linked here.

Read about everything you need to start a basic profitable, sustainable photography business. Thanks for sharing!

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Photographers Pricing Guide Sale!

Your voice has been heard. You've told me again and again that my pricing guide workbook is worth far more than what I'm actually charging for it. So, today only, you can get a copy of the pricing guide for $249 instead of $149 (no code needed!) Just go to and get a copy now, and thanks for spreading the word!

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Whoa. Want to grow your presence on Google+? You MUST read this. Enjoy.

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Love this photo by +Ryan Brenizer on Moment Junkie!
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