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I've been there three times over the course of the last year. The first time I got a decent haircut. Nothing to write home about, but at least it didn't leave me angry. The second time I got an acceptable haircut but again nothing to write home about. I wasn't angry but neither was I completely satisfied. The young lady did what many hairdressers do when you tell them what you want done. They pretend to be listening and then go and do whatever they want. My recent experience was terrible. First they called me 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment to cancel because the young lady who was supposed to do my hair hadn't shown up because of snow. I checked on the news and turns out there was no snow where she was at, but..oh well, why should I be upset because some young lady decided to not come in to work and therefore ruin my schedule for the whole day. After all I'm only a customer. Since when does my time matter? At first they couldn't fit me in for another appointment on the same day. Then finally they got me in late in the afternoon. This third experience lasted 3.5 hours. They dyed my hair a horrible color. I didn't like it. I told them I didn't want it that dark, but according to them they couldn't do anything about that because my hair was dark so they couldn't make it any lighter without lightening it and "stripping" it. I've never been to any beauty salon and been told this before. Ever. At other places they have no problem dying my hair a lighter color. The highlights I requested can't even be seen. I should also point out that they dyed my hair and did the supposed "highlight" before cutting my hair, thereby raising the price because my hair was longer than shoulder length. Why not cut first and then dye? Do I detect price gouging? And the haircut. It was okay. It wasn't anything I couldn't have gotten somewhere else. When I left there I looked awful. Just awful. And to make matters worse it cost $140.00. What a rip off! I could have had the same end product by going to any Albuquerque Supercuts and then gone home and colored my hair with a $10 box of Clairol or L'Oreal hair color. Seriously! It would have looked no different. And to make the experience complete, the young lady that did my hair asked me if I wanted her to remove the dye from around my face and hairline. Really? You have to ask that? I thought that removing it would be the obvious thing to do and part of the finishing process. It's not something you need to ask the customer about. But apparently I was wrong. I made a sarcastic comment to the effect of "Really? You have to ask me that? Gosh, I was sorting of hoping that you'd leave it on so that others could enjoy the effect also." But it went over her head. Bottom line is if you want marginally acceptable work with people who don't seem particularly interested in customer service at a price that is higher than the quality level of the work, then this is a great place for you. And please, don't tell me that $140.00 is a reasonable price. That works out to $40.00/hour and they're not even paying the girl that did my hair. And I'm sure they buy their hair dye products wholesale. And I doubt the wholesale price is $140.00 for the products they used on me today. I just think that the end product I received was not worth $140.00, 3.5 hours of my time, and lots of frustration. I will not be returning to this place. But I have to pass in front of their building on my way to downtown, so every time I go I will be reminded of having paid $140.00 for a $30.00 product. That's galling. Oh, one good point in their favor. I got there 15 minutes early and one young lady did offer to do a hand massage while I waited. That was nice. Unfortunately, my appointment was not for a hand massage. If you are wondering why I went back after my second experience even though I wasn't completely satisfied, I went back because the students are different each time. Also, I try to give an establishment three chances before I write them off.
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