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If you followed the Persepolis Lightman Shard game at all you probably heard a thing or two about DS-14, and ENL anchor for a blocking link, which was removed, along with the link. Reasons given ranged from safety to supposed inaccessibility, despite the fact that all the other portals in the same base were left in place. The one that was removed just happened to have hack mods and a blocking link. Lets not talk about how the dancing man below, somehow knew to throw a RES blocking link immediately after our link vanished. 

Then there was Cojo Ranch - also holder of an ENL link, also valuable to the ENL in the shard game, also removed. 

And now Lockheed Martin - ones the ENL used repeatedly for the shard game...gone.

All of the portals that were removed met portal guidelines - and in fact the official Niantic page asks that players NOT report them as none of them were on private residential property. (see

Prior to today I just swallowed the pill. Whatever, I guess, the RES have a "community manager." The ENL do not have an equivalent face. I've tried to explain why this is to the newer players in our area, but I have no real explanation. I don't know. I've tried  to tell them he's technically there for all of us...but then gifs like this are made and portals are removed with his hand of influence, and it becomes really hard to attempt to say with a straight face that Joe is anything but a Resistance player on Niantic's dime who occasionally forgets to flip back to his blue account after being on his green account.

I don't know if he had a hand in Cojo Ranch or LM portal removals, but it is pretty hard not to draw a conclusion from gifs like this. It is pretty hard not to throw your hands up and say "what the hell is the point of sleepless nights and hours of time invested into all of this if Niantic employees are going to openly dance on the stage like this?" The pill is becoming harder and harder to swallow +John Hanke

+Niantic Project +Ingress +Brian Rose +Brandon Downey  
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Love knows no Faction bounds. Protect your Portal gems with AXA Shields.

#AXAProtects  +AXA Insurance 
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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away as you might think, a handful of frogs spent most of their time drinking beer and eating sushi. They captured and upgraded portals if they felt like it, but in the end it wasn't the most important thing to them. It was all about having fun together.

One day, while planning the next sushi event for the local frogs, the frog princesses from Utrecht looked at the sentence that had been a part of the sushi invite for ages: "Enlightened players from outside Utrecht are welcome to join". The more they looked at it, the more an idea started to take shape in their mind. Why not invite ALL Enlightened players in the Netherlands to come and eat sushi in Utrecht? And perhaps, if everyone wanted to have some fun together, they could also build a couple of P8 along the way.

"Oh, what the heck," the frog princesses said. "Let's re-enact One Thousand and One Arabian Nights and build 1001 P8!"

Messengers were sent out to all corners of the kingdom to notify the local frogs of the event. Reactions started pouring in, even more so when the frog princesses let all attendees know that they would hand out special medals of honour to those who would come and make Utrecht the greenest city in the kingdom, nay: the entire world!

Soon, the fateful day arrived. Over 100 frogs gathered early on Sunday morning to receive their assignments. Each group of three to five frogs picked a number of missions to fulfill, knowing full well that every mission could only be completed by cooperating with other groups. The frog princesses handed out secret codes to guide everyone on their way, and off they went.

45 missions. 18 teams. 1001 portals.

After only a few hours, it was getting clearer and clearer that the plan was working. Every group that couldn't upgrade to more than P7 was immediately followed by another group creating P8 in their wake. Frogs were spreading out all over the city to fulfill more missions, enticed by the medals of honour so lovingly created by the frog princesses.

All of a sudden, the alarm was called. One villainous rogue, a bad blue smurf, was undoing all the hard work of the frogs in the western part of the city. The mission was in danger! But the frog princesses needn't have feared: off rushed the most valiant frogs to recapture the area and build it up again. Within an hour, the evil in that part of the kingdom was averted and all went on their merry way again.

The end was drawing nigh. Would all be able to complete their missions? Would the total number reach 1001?

Directed by speedily delivered missives from the frog princesses, the entire army started moving towards the most well-known landmark of Utrecht: the Dom. Having the Dom as a level 8 portal would be the crowning achievement of the day and make the number of P8 in the city well above 1001. Would they make it in time? The way was fraught with danger, with sunny outdoor cafes luring the thirsty frogs into their beer-filled embrace. However, the courageous frogs were not deterred! For the medals of honour, even frogs were willing to postpone alcoholic delights.

With bated breath, they all awaited the count.

Then all the heralds blew their horns! Not 1001 P8, not 1002 P8, but a stupendous 1280 P8!!!

Tired but knowing they were part of a historic achievement, the frogs received their medals from the princesses. Utrecht was the greenest city in the kingdom! Much beer was imbibed, much sushi was consumed, and many a complaint was heard about item cap.

And all the frogs lived happily ever after!


Many thanks to:

101vic, 4thaarts, 7azzzz, AceDreadnaught, Adanu, ArmyA, Aviat0r, avs1981, BadBullG, Basilmorph, BattleBlack, Bientjuh, Blackmoon1, BorisYeah, Bownage, Caingarn, Clearestview, coolboxl, Darlon, DehHaagh, Delrado, DhrMekmek, DJeemzz, djthedreamer, Dnzzz, DrkSavant, Drubibu, EddieDemon, Elan, Eldin, elZorroRojo, Esgalmenelion, FluxV, FlyLighter, Gammut, GunnieNL, Guype007, Haay1971, HappyHappunetta, Irkalia , JeffNL, Jermaine222, Jhaprins, JiePieWie, JJJeroen, JKRIEG, John007a, Jolt1r, keetjeh, Kersenpit, Kr4zy, LadyAndraste, LamZwerfpaard, Leonella, lesmarten, Lingelyn, Lucky00, Lutske, MadMarkx, MagicMagician, mandjuh88, Manyfold, marudami, MaveQ, Maxxion, Miertje86, MorganFreedman, Mortophobe, Motormuis, Motorroosje, MrZzzzzzz, MySmartnMe, Nielske, NLcommander, Noeky1980, odiepoes, piedpuck, Poseidon2907, PrimeNL070, Psychotic007, REDRUMikke, RemcoNL, richgsx, Rohy, RwinR, rwwh, sander1984, Se7enOfNine, sebastaman, Seyst, SpeedyKevin, Spinningears, Stakkerone, Staverbeest, SuperEmmer, sv3nvs, tchakkazulu, TekDevelop, TheBestTestcase, TheOnmyoji, Treenut6, Twiggler, Tysar, valencia6, Vashiru, ververized, Vetsmurf, Vinceutr, vogon1, w2lter, wiebelkont, Wotuu, Xerogee, Yanaickadjairo, yeahfree, Yoshi4184, ziggy2000, Zithril

A very special thanks to +Irene Figueras for the organisation and +Claudia A for the amazing photos!

Feel like seeing Utrecht for yourself after this story? Come join the Enlightened on June 20th for the Persepolis anomaly in Utrecht, the Netherlands!
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1001 P8 Utrecht
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#Persepolis XM Anomaly Series begins May 30. 

A secret so powerful, an empire was destroyed to protect it. What hides beneath #Persepolis

May 30, 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia [P] --

Covilhã, Portugal [s] --
Thessaloniki, Greece [s] --
Bari, Italy [s] --

Washington, DC, USA [P] --

Phoenix, AZ, USA [s] --
Ontario, Canada [s] --
Buenos Aires, Argentina [s] --

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] --

Jakarta, Indonesia [s] --
Perth, Australia [s] --
Kathmandu, Nepal [s] --

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] --

Liverpool, UK [s] --
Poznan, Poland [s] --
Helsinki, Finland [s] --

Portland, OR, USA [P] --

Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] --
Nashville, TN, USA [s] --
Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] --

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Utrecht Primary! 20 juni!
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Finally! First ENL player in the Netherlands! ;-)
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Get engaged now and move to Hannover to support our friends!
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