Government Circular - imposing selective Newspapers preference: Abdul Mannan, Chairman, Media Committee, WBPCC condemns the intervention f the Government on the freedom of people and the democratic tradition of the state.
Government led by the TMC Chief Minister issued a notice on Tuesday, Mar 28 saying that the state and statewide libraries can purchase only eight newspapers whose names have been enlisted in the circular. Surprisingly names of leading Newspapers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, Statesman, Anandabazar, Bartaman and many others have not featured in that list published by Trinamool Congress (TMC). Abdul Mannan said “no government can impose such dictatorial command in a democratic system. In a dictatorial system of governance – yes, such types of dictums are common - no free press is allowed and people do not enjoy freedom of information. But we should not forget that we have promised more freedom to the common people of Bengal than what they have experienced during 34 years of tyranny of CPM led government. Now it seems that our coalition partner is trying to outdo the earlier regime by suppressing the freedom of common people. Congress has nothing to do with such undemocratic decisions. I request the Chief Minister to relook into the matter with tolerance and rollback the circular.”
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