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I aim to misbehave...
I aim to misbehave...


During my latest trip I tried playing Fallout Shelter, but I have to say that it was not the greatest experience I've had. The game itself is quite easy to understand and get going, but there is no opposition and most importantly no goal other than to survive.

It still had a lot of glitches but all in all it was very beautiful. The interface was the most frustrating thing as some basic things you would ask something to have (like a quit button) was absent.

So beyond the novelty of the game, I got a sustainable shelter going with 36 dwellers that could easily defend against everything the game could throw at me. So that's the moment it got boring and I deleted the entire thing.

I'd rather play Defenders as it at least have a narrative and a end goal.
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I'm trying out VeraCrypt as an alternative for BitLocker in Windows and FileVault on my Mac. Or to be more precise, its for my USB flash dive that I use to transfer files from work (ie Windows) to my home (ie Mac).

Up until now I've used BitLocker as my standard tool for this and have a virtual Windows in Parallels for Mac to read and sync the files to my drive. It works, but it's a little bit cumbersome and I have to maintain a 30GB virtual drive just to keep about 3.5GB in sync.

As VeraCryp has a client for both Windows and Mac, it was suggested by a lot of articles now that TrueCrypt no longer is maintained. It's not as "user friendly" as the naitive BitLocker or FileVault, but good enough for it to do what I need without interfering to much. It will probably become more natural and easier once I get used to the interface and workflow.

This is for portable devices only. For local containers/fixed drives I default to the OS standard, as I prefer the more transparent usage and when a update/upgrade do come along I know there will be zero comparability issues.
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Best thing I've seen in a while. I do love Alan's talent of delivering just the right inflection to set the mood and still make it very funny.
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On my way back to warm, dry and sunny weather in Sweden, compared to warm, overcast and high humidity of London.

However there seems to be a small logistics problem. The following times have been posted:

* boarding at 13:20
* departure at 13:50
* gate posted at 14:05

Am I the only one who sees a timeline discrepancy here... :)

The plane is delayed by at least 1 hour is the boring solution....
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OMG! The world has gone insane! Everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road!!...

Oh... I'm in London... Never mind... Move along... Nothing to see here. Just on my way to Cockfosters giggle
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So I've been watching two new science fiction series, and I'm still not sure what I think of them.

"Killjoys" have started out great and the storyline is there as well as the dialogue. Great CGI but not driven by it. It has a Whedonesque feel in that it reveals much but still very little. I has jokes but does not stop and ask for the laugh as some shows do. High morals in a dark world and set in beautiful and appropriate surroundings. Some mysteries surrounding the characters that aren't fully explained and leave you wanting more.

The other is "Dark Matter" and although I like the basis for the storyline, they have not done the best job of maintaining the mystery. They also very quickly fell into the stereotype characters. An asian that knows martial arts and uses swords, a gunslinger with no regards to other people, the wise "librarian", the strong female leader etc. Not that it is a bad thing, but given the premise of the show they quickly fell into a very specific genre of Sci-Fi. Been there, done that type of show.

Both of these are compared to Firefly and in my opinion "Killjoys" has the potential to match that where as "Dark Matter" doesn't have the feel that is so specific for Firefly. And to be honest. Nothing can replace Firefly in my heart.
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Some cursing and glaring at the monitor I've finally installed FreeBSD on the router. It took only 4 hours from start to finish.

The installation was painless but the changes in the PF ruleset was a pain to deal with. Not that they are advanced in any way. Block everything in and do NAT on the internal network. But it is up and running, and that is where I'll leave it for today.

What is left is to harden the settings, tune some scripts and in general lock it down. And document everything. Lost some cron scripts and settings files, but nothing critical. They can be written again.
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So the plan this morning was to install FreeBSD on my router. Fairly simple. No zfs pools, no exotic hardware, no fuss. Not so. Up until 5 minutes ago I was battling with just getting the memstick image to work. I've downloaded multiple memstick images, a few iso's and some version of the 10.0 release. None worked.

Why? I still don't know, but as I have a mac I've been using that and the built in dd to transfer the image to three different usb sticks. None worked. I have searched the web and found no answers to why this is. I even tried my virtual FreeBSD server to transfer the image, only to see it fail again.

On a hail mary chance, I stuck the thumbdrive into my file server (which runs FreeBSD) fired up a shell and tried it. And it worked! I don't know if OSX messes with the thumbdrive or if the dd version is somehow borked, but at least now I have a working thumbdrive, but not happy with OSX at the moment (10.10).

The question now is if I should start the installation now or wait until morning. Going to have a cup of tea and mull it over.
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So, I installed the office 2015 preview for mac, and its good to see that some familiar functions from the Windows version have made it over to the "other side". Still not as complete as I would have liked, but then again, I'm using most of all functions that are in Excel.

Initial impressions are good. Layout, speed, a clean interface. Some options are missing, but nothing that I couldn't live without on the Mac. Still have the windows version (2010 at the moment) as my primary workhorse. It's still early, but I am impressed with the leap in features compared to the 2011 version. Which to be honest was years behind the windows version.
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Mucking about with my single installation of OpenBSD, I've started to get tired of the fairly cumbersome upgrade process compared to my preferred server OS which is FreeBSD.

The only reason I chose OpenBSD instead of FreeBSD was to have hardware support for the wireless network card in the server to try to use it as an access point and some VLAN trials. This was about 4 years ago. Since the initial installation I've purchased a proper WLAN AP and turned of the WLAN on the server. So now the planning has started to move that server to FreeBSD as well, with some needed hardware upgrade planned as well.

I got quite comfortable in the OpenBSD userland and it's a very good OS, however the rethoric used in combination with the OpenSSL/Heartbleed, the creation of the LibreSSL project and the exclusion of BIND from the base is not to my liking. So keep up the good work you do (absolutly love pf), but unfortunately it simply doesn't suit me any more. #FreeBSD #OpenBSD  
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