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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry
Catching up for time lost... It was sometime back in January when I first noticed a pain
in my leg.   I thought I pulled my
hamstring – though I was unsure how it happened.   I wasn’t comfortable, but I muddled through
some sewing completing most of what I ...

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A Hit and A MIss
To finish my posts about January completed projects, I will include 2 items in today’s post. First, the HIT! Late last year, I decided to take my wardrobe options to a
new level – I was going to learn to knit.   Okay, so it’s not a huge stretch for me since...

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Burda 7627 and Burda 3379
Burda 7627 View D  Burda 3379 View B (OOP)                                   I started this set in December, hoping to finish by
Christmas so that I would have something other than knit active wear to wear as
pajamas over the holidays.   I set out to

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BurdaStyle 01/2012 #106
Wow!  I actually got so much sewing done
in January.   I just wasn’t able to get
photos of my garments until this weekend.    The polar vortex has put the kibosh on outdoor pictures, especially in Minnesota.   Plus, we are still dealing with limited hours

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2014 RTW Fast
  That’s right!   I have
vowed not to buy ready-to-wear clothing between the dates of January 1 and
December 31, 2014.   Of course there are a
couple of exceptions – shoes, socks, and underwear can be purchased. To tell the truth, it’s not like I usually pu...

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Project from the Past – Wedding Dress (2003)
10 years (and a couple months) ago, I married my best
friend.   There was little doubt that I
wanted to make my wedding dress.   (I also
wanted to make the bridesmaid dresses, but knowing my procrastinating
tendencies, my dad put the kibosh on that.) I want...

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A Matching Dress
I had been eyeing the “Sugar Plum Dress”:
from Lolita Patterns for a while.   In
fact, I even purchased the Houndstooth Kit:
included the patter...

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18 Years and 8 Moves Later...
I finally cut into my 4 yards of Pendelton wool. I purchased this fabric way back when I worked at House of Fabrics while I was still in high school.  1995! I bought it for what even I considered a steal - on clearance at 19.98 per yard.  As you can see, I ...

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Christmas Gift #2
So, I have to confess – I actually worked on this project
during my lunch hour over the last month.   Christmas Gift #2 COMPLETED!   This is a free pattern: To match Christmas Gift #1 Afg...

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Week 6 (November 22 - 28, 2013)
Rather than breaking down each week – let me just say
that I have been busy!     Christmas Gift #1 COMPLETED! I crocheted a cozy blanket using Red Heart yarn.   As much as I hate acrylic, it does have its
place in a blanket that will be washed over and over...
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