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The SEO Agent
Internet Marketing firm providing quality Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management services
Internet Marketing firm providing quality Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management services


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Recovery from Google’s Humming Bird Panda and Penguin 2.1

The Seo Agent is a full service internet marketing firm based in Vancouver CANADA. Since 2007, The Seo Agent has been providing quality Search Engine Optimization.
After the induction of the Google’s new algorithms, Hummingbird, Panda and penguin 2.1 it has caused a major blow to the position/ranking of the web pages all over the Globe.
The Seo Agent designed a 7 steps strategy, following the Google webmaster recommendations/Guide lines. The Seo Agent helps businesses to enjoy great online reputation and recover the old search engine rankings/positions using Google Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin survival strategy.
After the new Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin 2.1 algorithm implementation, we designed a program using specific web designs and programming specifically focused for top Google placements.
The Seo Agent is globally known for its innovative SEO tools and applications.
The Seo Agent is always in a lookout for viable options and try hit trial that can help push to the top search engine results.

Hummingbird came out in August 2013 and so far it is the latest upgrade to search engine algorithms since 2001. And it is also the any major change on Google algorithm since 2001, all prominent online business owners/ webmasters all across the globe were clueless on what to do next? They almost lost their nerve. What questions were hovering mind were, how SEO will work? What changes are needed for SEO campaigns? Has everything gone down the drain? The true answer is: nothing has been changed it is just that Google wants SEO professional to have focused and intense approach. Hummingbird will now entertain only original, high-quality, relevant content and if a webpage has all the relevant content there is no stopping of such pages to rank high on Google search.
The Seo Agent in Vancouver has added few more features to make the Search Engine Optimization even more competitive and relevant by pushing fresh online campaigns and the new Google algorithm just loves it.
The SEO Agent's Experts have thoroughly gone through Hummingbird recommendation and its effect on Google ranking; The Seo Agent have finally developed a 7 step strategy to counter this issue. The Seo Agent has already started working on new fluid designs for cross platforms and cross browser web page/landing page campaign. The website content needs to be extremely Seo friendly and is also to be formatted in question/answer format which is Google’s favorite food.
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Online Branding
Online branding serves pretty much the same purpose as traditional branding exercises did for companies. Good branding lends credibility to your business, garners people's trust, give your website greater incoming traffic and gives your products and services greater exposure. The SEO Agent helps you build your online branding by setting a strong foundation. We help you:.

Perform on site optimization, so that search engines can identify you more easily
Place your brand on multiple platforms so that more people are aware of it
Establish your brand outside of your website to improve credibility
Protect and manage your brand's reputation in your industry niche
There is no one guiding rule for online branding. It is a multiple pronged approach and involves a number of areas. Here is an overview of what you need:

1. Search Engine Optimization
SEO is about getting your website to show up among the first 20 results on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is because a majority of internet users don't look beyond those 20 results for what they want. The SEO agent performs white hat optimizations using multiple techniques on your website, so that its rankings increase. We ensure that your site not only gets to the top, but also stays there. We ensure long term ranking for your site by using ethical techniques rather than perform black hat SEO, which is essentially spamming.

2. PPC Campaign
Another way to quickly get off the ground and give your new product is to run a strong pay per click or PPC campaign. This is essentially an advertising campaign where you place your ads containing links to your website at strategic places on the internet. The links are visible to users who may be interested in your products and therefore more likely to be clicked.

When you are launching a new product and have to start from scratch, SEO can only help so much. PPC can give you that initial flurry of incoming traffic that will help you gain more rankings in the long term. It also gives your product more exposure. While the results of SEO may take months to show up, a PPC campaign shows immediate results in a matter of weeks.

A common strategy is to run a solid PPC campaign for a new product and reap the benefits of SEO in the long term.

3. Online Advertisements
Online advertisements too increase your product's exposure online. You can pursue both a short term and long term online ad strategy. The SEO Agents help you get the most value out of your online advertisements by using analytics to place the ads strategically. For instance, if your company sells kids' toys, your ads will show up on related forums and websites through a network. This means that there is greater probability of people on those sites clicking on your ads and landing on your website. Likewise, if the ads of kids toys are placed on a recipe forum, they will naturally lead to very little traffic and negligible conversion rate.

We analyze your products and research on the keywords that are currently trending and use those keywords for your ads. They will generate maximum response and you get great value on your investment. Our strong online ad network should help you generate a large number of leads and drive your online sales.

4. Email Marketing
Email marketing, if done well produces great results and gives you thousands of leads each day. The SEO Agents will set up a highly modular email marketing campaign based on an analysis of your company and products. You should see a lot of incoming traffic coming through this campaign.

The secret to getting your email marketing strategy right is targeting the right customers. You can't just buy a mailing list from somebody and expect to get more customers. We do intense market research to filter potential customers who are in need of a product that you are selling. This is why you will get a high response rate from your email sales letters.

With the SEO Agent, your online branding strategy is a complete plan that hits all the right notes. We use a combination of strategies so no stone is left unturned for forging a strong online brand for your company. Call The SEO Agents now to find out more!
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You use a combination of marketing techniques for your business, which includes placing ads on the internet, in newspapers, in various magazines, on the radio, and much more. How do you know which of these media generates the most business for you?

This is where The SEO Agent analytics and call tracking services help you have all the data. Each ad campaign you run generates varying amounts of interest and helps you find customers through different media. Our analytics services help you identify how many leads each campaign gives you, how many queries you receive through your website, email and over the telephone.

We also track which regions give you the highest response rates, so that you can identify your strong and weak areas. Our analytics services also help you determine how many products or services each ad campaign generates for you.

We collect as much information as we can, and present it to you in a streamlined manner. This will help you analyze your marketing strategies better and create much better campaigns in future. All these efforts lead to increased traffic to your website and the end result is: BETTER BUSINESS!
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Uncover Insights
The key to high performing websites that run like a well-oiled machine is deep and sophisticated analytics. Numbers always give you great insights into the market and give you clues about how to maximize your ROI through innovative SEO and marketing strategies.

The SEO Agents help you uncover insights on your website and your SEO efforts, so you have a clear picture of where you stand and how you can improve. Some of the things that we help you with include:

Identifying paid search keywords and long tail keywords with maximum ROI by calculating their true value
Identifying the areas of your SEO where you need invest less or more resources according their performance
Optimizing your website efficiently in days and not weeks, using analytics dashboard reports
Aligning various data sources to give you one big picture instead of multiple confusing numbers.
All these steps should ensure that you spend the right amount of resources optimizing your website and get the most value out of it. Call The SEO Agents now for uncovering insights.
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Maximize Efficiency
When you want your website to perform and provide maximum ROI, you need to ensure that you are using all your resources efficiently. Some of the most important components of a successful website are:

Search Engine Optimization
For the best results, invest equally in all three. You can have an extremely well designed website, only to have no visitors due to lack of SEO. On the other hand, you can have an extremely optimized website that generated maximum traffic, but turns customers away because of poor design and messaging.

Your landing page

This is the page visitors are taken to when they click on a link from anywhere on the internet. They might have clicked on an ad or have come through search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Test your landing page rigorously to ensure that when people come to the page, they are more interested in your product and are convinced about buying it.

Search engine optimization

You can invest a lot of resources into search engine optimization. However, to get the most efficient results, you need to monitor each and every optimization and see how many sales it generates. Cut back on the SEO strategies that aren't generating traffic or sales and invest more on those that do.

Keep analyzing your SEO performance all the time, and tweak and modify your strategy as trends keep changing. This is how you can ensure that you keep getting traffic and drive your conversion rates to a higher levels all the time.

The SEO Agents are experts at maximizing the efficiency of your marketing and SEO efforts. Call us right away for expert advice and solutions for your website
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Engage Participants
When the internet was young, most companies thought of websites as a necessary expenditure. They had websites just because their competitors had one and was simply a catalog of products. However, times have changed and your website is now a full blown front end to your business.

Most of your business is generated from your website. People check out your website before they buy your products. It is therefore vital that your website has a great personality and persuasive power to turn curious visitors into paying customers. You need to engage your visitors and tell them why they should buy your products.

What makes an engaging website?

A high performing website has the following attributes:

It has a clean design. It is not populated by popups and too much content
It puts the product on the front and center. People visit your website to see what products you have and whether it is better than others. You give them exactly that. When people land on your page, you need to have "a call to action" element, so people can buy it right away.
It has good user experience. User experience is not just about good design. It is about how people feel when they visit your website. Do they get the feeling that your company is friendly or terse? People feel warm about your site when they visit and thus, they are more likely to buy your products.
It invokes trust among visitors. When people visit your website, they should feel that they can trust you, and that you are a high quality business.
In simple words, your website should solve a problem for its visitors. People may land on your website through search engines or through a marketing campaign. They click on the link to your website because they have a need and they think your product can fulfill it. When they land on your website, the solution should be immediately visible.

Whether it is an online shopping cart for physical products or a service, your website should be completely user focused and should engage participants. That is when you get their business and you grow as a company.
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Drive Traffic & Sales
If your website is not giving you the desired ROI, the two most common issues are:

Incoming traffic
Conversion rates
Your products get more exposure when more and more people visit your website and learn about them. This is why all successful websites trumpet their incoming traffic numbers. It is a key indicator of the interest in the market for your products. Once people have landed on your site, you find a way to keep them there and buy your products.

Incoming traffic

Proper search engine optimization or SEO is key to driving more traffic to your website. You get more visitors by making your content friendlier to search engines. Some of the most important steps to generating higher incoming traffic include:

Consulting with professional SEO firms such as The SEO Agent, and ensuring that you are getting all the web traffic that you can
Launching aggressive PPC or CPC campaigns to get your products and your website more exposure
Keeping up with new trends in search engine marketing. The online marketing landscape is constantly changing and you want to be abreast of these to stay ahead of the competition.
Deep keyword research, so that you can make use of dynamic content on your website for long tail and unbranded search terms.
Invest in user friendly contextual advertising
Incremental growth in your marketing strategy will ensure that you get a stable growth in incoming traffic.

Driving sales

This is where the rubber meets the road. You can do all you want and generate thousands of page views per hours, but what matters is how many of those page views convert into sales. Some of the proven ways to drive up your conversion rates are:

Marketing through the right channels so that the right kind of customers are sent to your site.
Creating genuine and compelling content on your website that convinces potential customers of the benefits of your products over your competition
Using dynamic content, in order to present users with the right kind of subject matter depending on the demographic that they belong to. For example, a teenager will respond differently to your marketing message than a middle aged person.
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Dominate Your Competition
Businesses that are successful in a fiercely competitive landscape have a clear lead over rivals. As a business, you want to dominate your competition and be ahead in all aspects. You innovate in every aspect of your product and make it clearly better than the others. All successful marketing campaigns have really good products as a foundation. When your product's back up your marketing message, people trust you and choose you over the competition.

Product development is a multiple phase project. It involves everything from conceptualizing it, identifying a potential market for it, honing it and positioning it, so that it has maximum appeal to your audience. The typical phases in product development are:

Identifying your product category and coming up with a viable product
Modifying your existing products to make way for the new product
Repositioning your existing products, so you can accommodate the new one
Identifying the pros and cons of your product over competition
Identifying when a product is consuming too many resources and taking it off your suite.
Probably the most important aspect of successfully selling product is how you position it. Regardless of how good your product is, people are looking for a solution. When you position your product as a solution to their needs in a simple and clear manner, you give people reason to buy it. You effectively dominate your competition when:

You have a much better product than the competition
You convey the benefits of your products to your target audience
Market your product through the right channels
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Create Brand Visibility
Making you brand more visible in the market is a gigantic effort, especially if you have a new or refreshed website. A fiercely competitive market has hundreds of brands serving the same market. How are you to carve out a niche for yourself? Fortunately, social networks provide a great medium for you to give your brand more exposure and bring it to the attention of more and more customers.

Social networks work on the classic network effects, where if a person likes what you have, he or she will share with others. If you have the right social strategy in place, you can get massive incoming traffic and a ton of business. As most businesses have found out, this is easier said than done.

What is a visible brand?

For your brand visibility to be very high, it must have the following attributes:

It is distinctive and unique
It serves an important niche and provides clear solutions
It has a consistent message across all markets geographically
The product is original and much better than the competition
It is widely available for customers and has maximum points of sale
It helps your business achieve its financial goals
Why you need brand visibility

When a customer is looking to buy a product there are typically a dozen choices in front. There are that many different brands. You want them to choose your brand over others. People will buy your product over others only if they know for sure that your brand is credible and your product has clear advantages over competition.

Clear brand visibility grabs the consumer's attention and it persuades them to consider your product. If your brand has greater exposure it has more credibility and therefore greater value. People are known to stick to their brand preferences for a long time. If a person likes your brand she will be a long time customer for you.

The whole point of having a brand visibility strategy is to have as many such loyal customers as possible. This is the only way you will achieve your financial goals.

What you can do
There is no single strategy that will help you achieve and maintain your brand visibility. You attack this aspect of your business from multiple sides and achieve the desired results.

Positioning: The first thing you take care of is to position your brand the right way. Identify your target market. Identify the need that people are facing. Determine exactly how and if your product solves the problem in a simple and elegant way. Define the problem for the masses. Offer a solution in the form of your product. Outline why your product is clearly better than the competition.

Use social media: Social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter are a great place to give your brand exposure. There is a reason why these sites are a branding hub for companies. They erase the boundaries between you and your customers. They can directly comment on your page and get responses. You can communicate in a more direct manner with them. It gives the customers a feeling of greater control and they grow closer to your brand. Moreover, with social networks, you can easily target different demographics and reach a global audience.

Promotions: One sure shot way to get your brand noticed is to give away free products by way of special promotions. If you design your promotions the right way, then your brand gets maximum attention and it will establish a place in the minds of people. It also creates a warm feeling among people about your brand and makes them more likely to buy your products.

Reinforcing your brand:
After you establish your brand visibility, it is important for you to keep reinforcing it to stay on the top. For example, no matter how popular McDonalds becomes, they will still keep showing ads and launch marketing campaigns all the time, just to ensure that their brand name is always fresh on our minds. If you don't reinforce your brand, it stagnates and gets run over by a new wave of products from competitors. It is all about perception.

You can gauge the effectiveness of your brand visibility efforts by seeing whether the sales numbers keep growing consistently. Even if you see your sales number stay the same and not decline, it is still good enough reason to launch strong visibility efforts. Brand visibility is the key to keep your business growing in the short and the long term.
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Social Media Marketing
Social Media sounds like a newest buzzword in the world of web marketing. It is however a powerful way of marketing and creating awareness about your business quickly. With traditional SEO, you update content so that it can be found by search engines, and you slowly build links to your website, improving rankings gradually.

Social media marketing on the other hand has the potential to help you burst on to the market within a matter of days. This is how many Web 2.0 startups work today. Social networking websites such as Facebook cover only one aspect of the Social Media Marketing (SMM). Here are some other areas of SMM that form a complete strategy

Social News
Places that index the most popular news stories and blogs on the web are an important and quick tool to let people know about your business. Websites such as Digg and Reddit do just that. Millions of people flock to these websites to catch up with the latest news. If these sites link to your content, you can gain thousands of followers within hours.

Social Bookmarking & Tagging
Similar to social news, people bookmark their favorite websites and stories and share them on social bookmarking sites. People trust their friends more than the search engine for news and blogs that they would find interesting. Sites such as Delicious and StumbleUpon are a hub for people to share bookmarks with their friends.

Getting your web pages bookmarked helps accelerate traffic to your website, which means significantly more business for your company.

Social Networking
Facebook, Twitter. These two names have changed the face of web marketing in the last 2 years and taken the internet by storm. No marketing strategy is complete without social networking. These two websites are where people spend most of their time on and this is where visibility of your business matters the most today.

The number of 'likes' attached to your story is a major indicator of how many people know about your business. Along with other SMM techniques, social networking is an aggressive marketing tool which can help drive traffic to your website and increase thousand-folds in no time at all.

Review Sites
If a person wants to find out the best restaurants, hotels, realtors or any businesses in your area, the first place they go to is Yelp or TripAdvisor. These are the two most popular websites that rate businesses according to people's experiences. People trust ratings for companies here because they are reviewed by common people who have already had experience with them. Getting positive reviews for your company on these websites will also increase traffic multiple fold.

Why SMM matters
Here is why SMM trumps all other methods of marketing on the web.

People want to know what their friends like
They follow websites that their friends do
People share links to websites, blogs and stories with likeminded people
As more of your content is linked socially, your credibility improves dramatically
SMM is the fastest way of building links to your website
Search engines consider your social presence as an important cue to your popularity and a big factor in search rankings
At the SEO Agent, we realize the potential of social media marketing and help you optimize your website design and content in a way that makes it more interesting to people and prompts them to share it on social websites. Getting your SMM strategy right is the quickest and most reliable way of increasing traffic to your website and maintaining the trend.
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