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Let's stick with the short version this week:
#1 son:  Still doing well.  Next surgery scheduled for Nov. 8.
#2 son:  Birthday this week, party moved back a week due to too many competing birthday boys and girls.
#1 daughter:  Still cute.  Still 2.  Still scary.
Hubby:  Birthday next week.  Gets his way with chocolate cake for joint B-day.
Bank Account:  Critical condition. (Insert sad, thoughtful violin music here.)

So here's the shameless plug:  Amazing Spiderman issues for sale on Ebay.  Some of our lots have already sold on the first day.  Here's the link:

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In a hopelessly pathetic attempt to recoup some of the expenses of eldest son's medical care, missed work to care for him, etc, I am auctioning off some of my collection of comic books on Ebay.  Hubby is handling most of it, as he is the one with more experience and even more importantly, an existing account with both Ebay and Paypal.

On the off chance that someone here might possibly be interested, here's the link to my Web of Spiderman Comics on Ebay.  We'll be posting some every week until we either run out of comics, patience, or both.

(If a more heart-string-tugging appeal is desired, let me know.  I'm sure I can work up something suitably tear-inducing.)

Evan and I came home yesterday. The house is in ruins and he's got a mad schedule of appointments and treatments ahead. Thank the gods for grandparents, even the step and ex-in-law ones. It has been a totally crazy week. Can you say "Hyperbaric Chamber?" Seriously.

Evan has been in the hospital all weekend for a complication related to an outpatient procedure on Friday. He is likely to be staying at least several more days at least. He's improving slowly. Nathan is home and is back to his normal antics after spending Sat. night in the hospital for pneumonia. Lily is fine other then being confused by all the furor and missing Mama and big brother.

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Holy frijoles! Kids, coughs, and cantankerous connections -- it's been a while. My newest obsession? Bollywood movies, where every woman dresses like a princess and everybody dances...Woo!

Still sick. But we've got an extra spawn for the night. No podcasts for us tonight. Maybe some MOO2 in the meantime.
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