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The Daytona Prototype Corvette: The Back Story: Oops, I Did It Again

Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan has done it again. Yesterday was the official unveiling of the Daytona Prototype Corvette righ

Jurassic Park: The Lost Scores | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Frankly I find posting about - and thus somewhat contributing to the sensationalism - of this almost as unsavoury as the news story itself,

Wood Walls Inspiration: 30 Walls of Wood for Modern Homes

Walls of wood are one of the ways of resolving the problem with focal walls. Even in the bathroom, when relaxing in the tub, why not rest yo

The Reconstructed Bookcase Workspace

Programmer Peter Marks built today's featured workspace by hacking apart Ikea shelves then reassembling them into a unique standing desk. Du

The Italian Sunken Ship From Space Looks Surreally Peaceful

Digital Globe has directed one of their Worldview satellites to the island of Giglio, Italy, to see how the Costa Concordia shipwreck looks

New York Will Sell Its Old Gear on eBay to Pay Its Bills

Whenever you're short on cash there's always one last resort: sell your stuff on eBay. It seems that New York State's hoping to plug part of

This Gene Fuels Your Impulsive, Addicted Behavior... If You're a Dude

Scientists wanted to know why a particular gene kept coming up in studies related to both addiction and obesity. The connection? Impulsivity

The homemade E30 M3 Art Car

Know what's awesome? BMW's art cars, which combine huge artist's names with bright colors and plenty of Ms. Know what else is awesome? E30 M

Robby Gordon To Inspectors: "Kiss My Ass"

The drama over Robby Gordon and Le Inspectors at Dakar heated up yesterday after the ex-NASCAR driver attempted to get a TV crew to inspect

How to Make Your Own Tilt-Shift Lens

Tilt-shift photography is cool, if painfully hip. While there are plenty of ways to give it a go, if you're particularly cheap or like a cha

This Mac OS-Themed Userstyle Transforms Google Reader into a Clean, Well...

Firefox/Chrome: If Google Reader's new layout is too cluttered or busy for your taste and you'd prefer a layout that's a little cleaner and

Iceland Is So Inbred It Needs a Website to Avoid Incest

When your society has inhabited a small, remote island for countless generations and boasts a population of only 300,000, the odds of having

Ride along on a 200 MPH trip down the Autobahn in a Ferrari 458

The combination of a fast car and the unlimited speed limits of the German autobahn are surely a slice of gearhead heaven if ever there were

How to Calibrate Your HDTV and Boost Your Video Quality in 30 Minutes or...

Most HDTVs ship with default settings that are meant to look good in store showrooms, but more often than not, the default presets don't tak

Jaguar C-X16 Production Concept Puts on a White Costume for the 2011 LA ...


Watch a Mustang drift its way up a hill climb

Every time you pilot a shopping cart in the supermarket, every time you played with Hot Wheels, you always drove every corner sideways like

Apple, Microsoft, and the 27 Other Tech Giants Who Support the Awful Int...

The Next Web's Alex Wilhelm noticed something interesting—after trying to get a comment from Microsoft over the fascist Stop Online Piracy A

Make your Own Taco Bowls by Flipping Over a Muffin Tin

The next time taco night rolls around, instead of serving the same old pre-made hard shelled tacos, pull out your muffin pan, preheat your o