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Do not go here if you have good credit. Do not go here even if you are thinking you are having a heart attack! I thought I was having a heart attack and found out from my visit it was gall stones. To find out they use an ultra sound similar to how you check a pregnant woman’s child. Now a visit and use of those devices in a respectable hospital that care about patients over profit will in the $700 range. For my visit, AFTER INSURANCE, was over $2600! Nothing magical happened. No other devices were used, well they did take my pulse, must have been that. 
        When I got home (NOT IN KENTUCKY) I had to get surgery, my surgery cost $1800. Reasonable I think. How on earth is a visit to an ER and a quick scan with a sonar thing cost more than surgery to remove an organ!? Forget it, I’m sure you all justify it to yourselves everyday on how the financial molestation of the people of commonwealth is okay. 
           But here’s the kicker! Since our laws are always in favor of the medical machine, I started making monthly payments towards this bill, I had no choice.  It’s no longer doctors who care, its doctors who are a part of organizations and hospitals out to suck everyone who enters dry of every penny. So I started making payments monthly and even got a confirmation number, then one month I called and was on hold for over 20 min. I called the following month was told that I am now in collections. Not because I was late, but because they didn’t approve me for hardship payments! I was never asked to be put on the hardship payment plan, or was I told I was denied! 
          Now I’m screwed, and I hope you all take this lesson and do not do the same as me. DO NOT GO TO THE ER UNLESS YOU ARE UNCONCHOUSE. 
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