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Takashi Hatai

I've found many friends of Unitech Research, Inc. here. It's great! Nice to see you!
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Today was the last day I worked as a member of the Software Division. As of tomorrow October 1st, I will be transferred to the IT Infrastructure Division at Akihabara.

I have been engaged in the development of COBOL compilers for about 10 years. And I still strongly love them. However, I need to go more farther to make myself grow more. I'm looking forward to the new job and I believe it gives me a good chance to get more various experiences.

Maybe I might be able to be back to the Software Division in two years or so. But it's not promised. Even if I would be back to the Software Division, I might not be able to be back to the COBOL team. It depends on the situation...

Anyway, good-bye for now, Software Division and our COBOL compilers.
Good luck!
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