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You may know that I’m on a mission to help you earn more from your small business in the year ahead.

It all starts with making more profit.

There are lots of ways to make more profit: some are easy, others are more complex, so I’ll share some advice I recently gave a to a meeting of company directors in Somerset.

Their issue has been unprofitable sales. The company has all too often been selling their products and services at a low price, that wiped out much of their gross profit.

So why were they doing this?
It turned out that they didn’t know how to market and sell against their competitors. They wrongly thought they simply needed to match or beat their competitors price to win a customer’s order.

So, while we’re discussing beating competitors to the order, let’s deal with ‘price’.

Too many small businesses think that to win an order against competitors, they must match or offer a lower price. If you can do this, then good for you, but for most small businesses, this strategy is a race to the bottom and utter madness.

There is almost always a competitor that can beat you on price. So, don’t go there; you should work smarter than that.

Here are five alternatives to selling on price ...
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How much satisfaction do you get from running your small business. A lot? Enough? Not much?

If your business isn’t giving you the satisfaction, stimulation and enjoyment you need and it’s not generating sufficient profits so you struggle to earn enough, then here's the thing. You don’t have to put up with it.

Too many business owners put up with a business that’s slow, frustrating and not very profitable or moving forward. They seem to be stuck in a groove.

It doesn't have to be this way. There is another, better way!

You can read more about this here – where I’ll introduce you to the Small Business Masochist. Is it you ...?
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December and January were busy months for many small businesses planning their business strategy and direction for the year ahead.

I was kept busy produce winning business, marketing and sales plans to take profits to the next level.

It’s usual that by February, small business owners have moved on from planning to other things. But not this year: I’m expecting to be producing business, marketing and sales plans for a while yet.

Here’s the thing.

IF YOU ARE STILL in planning-mode for the 2017 year, then please don’t make the mistake I see so many business owners make. They produce the wrong type of business plan.

A common mistake is to produce an External Business Plan, when in fact, the business needs an Internal Business Plan. Given how much time and effort goes into producing a winning business plan, it seems a shame to end up with one that isn’t going to help the company do better in the year ahead.

You can find an explanation of the differences between an External and Internal Business Plan here. There’s also a free guide showing how you can use an Internal Business Plan that everyone in the company can get behind.

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This useful article asks an interesting question for any business owner with supervisors or managers.

How come that when it’s your managers job to make a difficult decision, they often don’t - and you have to get involved?

Read the article in full, here
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