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Trusting God When Life Is Hard
Trusting God When Life Is Hard

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Cancer is scary! How can we draw closer to God and lead others to God when someone has cancer? Find out how God and cancer can be a ministry!

We all know someone who has cancer or has had cancer.

When I hear this about someone, many times I’m at a loss of words.

I don’t want to say the wrong thing. I usually tell someone I’ll pray for them, but I wonder what else I can do to support them through cancer.

#cancer #support #trust #livingwithcancer #faith #God
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Why is trust important?

The same is true of God. We can’t grow in faith without beginning to trust in the Lord. We will never achieve what His desires are for us when we’re afraid to be “all in” with Him and trust God completely.

We will remain in our comfort zone without growing in a relationship with God, fulfilling our purpose, or even having rewarding earthly relationships.

#trustinginGod #trust #faith
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Do you need some strength? Is life wearing you down?

God knew that we’d need encouragement and strength for living on Earth, and He gave us help in His word. click to tweet

As long as we have breath, God has a plan for our lives including the tough times.

We can rest assured that these times are going to be a way for Him to grow us and make us more like Him.

Friend, we can trust Him in hard times!

We may think that we don’t have what it takes to make it through, but God’s help isn’t limited.

#hardtimes #strength #makingitthrough
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Need some relief from your anxiety?

I’ve had enough seasons of anxiety now that I know when anxiety is revving up. I can feel myself getting more irritable and overwhelmed.

When this happens, I try and apply a quick fix. I drop caffeine and try adding in more green tea. Or I go to sleep early or get in the Word more.

Each of those attempts doesn’t fix my problem. I need to be more proactive, stop, pause, and apply more life changes.

The honest truth is: I don’t want to stop and take the time to care for myself. I don’t have the time to do this when I’m anxious.

It’s just easier to apply a quick band-aid and expect it to go away. However, anxiety is a sign that more needs to be done.

It’s frustrating to have to pause the routine of life and make some major adjustments because frankly who has the time. #anxiety #anxietyrelief #tipsforanxiety #bible
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Need a conversation starter with your sons about waiting for marriage?

Here’s what culture and your friends have been telling you:

It doesn’t really matter in the great big picture of life.
No one stays a virgin till their wedding night.
Use protection.
Make sure it’s consensual.
Stay away from pornography.
So at the fork in the road, you decide to give into what everyone else is doing. You believe the lies because there’s a lack of other men standing up declaring the Truth.

Son, your marriage is worth the wait.

#worththewait #relationships #marriage #Christian #sons #conversation
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Do you struggle with fear and doubt? Want to know how to overcome fear and doubt? Here are two great tips for overcoming both of these!

I thought my fear would come true in my life...I would be all alone. So my whole life I've lived anxiously awaiting this to come true.

How about you? What fears and doubts do you struggle with?

I found a great book about conquering these two pesky problems and I learned how I can walk more victoriously in my life.

#fear #doubt #overcomer #BattleReadybook
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Why do you seek God in the morning?

Do you have every intention of getting with God in the morning, but someone or something keeps you from it every day?

Maybe you’re good for a few days, but then something happens in your schedule, and it’s hard to get back into spending a few minutes with God.

Or maybe you share my sentiments: the kids distract, and the time spent with God is “overrated.” The result is frustration and irritability at the kids for not being quiet and for not leaving mom alone.

Then we wonder: what’s the use anyway?

#seekGodfirst #beginwithGod #faith #God
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Do you hear from God? What to know how to hear from Him better and then use what He’s saying to build up others? Want to increase your faith and relationship with Him in the process?

God Wants Restoration

I didn’t know anything about prophetic encouragement. Honestly at first I felt it was “new age!” However as I read, prophetic encouragement is about encouraging others and building each other up.
Our whole world is broken, people are broken and relationships are broken. God wants restoration and He uses us to inspire and encourage those around us. This book describes how to hear from God so we can go and encourage others. “The gift of prophetic encouragement is about making a difference and impacting individuals in a way you never thought possible.”

#BetheGift #God #faith #encouragers
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Have you finally felt like you're in God's calling for your life and things are getting harder versus easier?

Have you figured out what God is calling you to do, and it’s been frustrating? So you think you heard God wrong?

Do you find yourself looking at other Christians and noticing that their callings seem easier or problem-free? (Click to Tweet)

Friend, I understand it.

For the longest time, I wished God would text me or have a neon sign confirming that I had heard Him correctly. I never got any message from either, by the way.

However, God led me to write and blog, and then hard circumstance after a hard circumstance happened, and I questioned if I heard Him right.

I mean, when we get into the sweet spot of our calling, shouldn’t it be easy? (Click to Tweet)

This was the way I thought it would be.
#FollowYourCall #call #hardtimes
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* Are you anxious?*

Friend, the key to removing anxiety is remembering your life—everything you are—is in the total faithfulness, sovereignty, and love of God.

The psalms are ageless proof that we may experience anxiety, but it does not have to define us.

Our momentary mess is an opportunity to seek the One who longs to show His glory and orchestrate our good. Christ can redeem any hopeless or fearsome situation – we only have to wait and trust.

When we realize that help, strength, worth, and mercy comes from Jesus and not ourselves, worst case scenarios and fears dwindle in the light of godly courage and confidence.

#anxiety #anxietyrelief #bibleverses
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