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Ghazal Omid

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Let's have real Islam to become familiar with a verse from the Qoran.
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Ghazal Omid

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Since I will be off for a couple of weeks from this site, I want you to remember me by this... never forget the power you have to stop bullies... See you after 22 of April. 
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Ghazal Omid

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Every country has a story of sacrifice, glory, love and loss to tell, ours is no exception...
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Ghazal Omid

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For your weekend laughter only ;-) 
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never let yourself be the third picture 
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Ghazal Omid

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I swear at first I thought she was just a doll, but look closely and she is a real baby :-) She is also a little Kurdish princess with piercing blue eyes!
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Ghazal Omid

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Please read an pass on...
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Ghazal Omid

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خیلی زیباست
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Ghazal Omid

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Mastoureh Ardalan
Born 1805
Died 1848
Occupation Writer, Poet, Philosopher Historian

Mah Sharaf Khanom Mastoureh Ardalan or Mastura Ardalan (1805 –1848) was a Kurdish poet and writer. She was born in Sanandaj in north-western Iran and deceased in Sulaymaniyah in present-day north-eastern Iraq. She was a member of the feudal aristocracy in the court of the Ardalan principality centered in Senna. She studied Kurdish, Arabic and Persian under the supervision of her father, Abolhasan Beig Qadiri. Her husband, Khasraw Khani Ardalan was the ruler of the principality. Her husband's death leaves the principality vulnerable to outside interference. When the Qajar state conquered the Ardalan territory in 19th century, she and her family left for the Baban principality centered in Sulaymaniyah. Her son, Reza Qulikhan, the successor to Khasraw Khan, was imprisoned by the Qajars.

مستوره کردستانی که بانویی هنرمند و شاعره ایی توانا و خوش ذوق  بود از خود یادگارهای زیادی به جای گذاشته است. دیوان شعر او به سعی و تلاش حاج شیخ یحیی سرپرست وزارت فرهنگ کردستان در سال 1304ش جمع‌آوری شد و با کمک و همت میرزا اسدالله خان کردستانی و مباشرت حاج محمد آقا رمضانی صاحب کتابخانه شرق سابق و کلاله خاور در تهران به چاپ رسید. مستوره در زمان حیات خود با شعرایی چون جندقی و ملا خضرنالی شاعر کرد مشاعره داشت  و اشعار او بیشتر عرفانی و اجتماعی است. از دیگر آثار او کتاب تاریخ اردلان است که شرح حال حاکمان کردستان و وقایع دوران آنها را به تحریر درآورده و به جرات می‌توان گفت مستوره اولین زن ایرانی مورخ بوده است. این کتاب یکی از منابع تاریخ کردستان محسوب می‌شود و توسط ناصر آزادپور، حدوداً در سال 1324 ش تصحیح  و چاپ شده است. از دیگر آثار او کتاب معجم‌الادباء است که در سال 1328 ش در سنندج منتشر شد و رساله‌ای در عقاید و شرعیات دارد.
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Ghazal Omid

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Abu Rihan Bironi, the father of modern Physic also known for his work in mathematic and astronomy. This is how he would look like in reality. DNA of cultures leaves the same impressions when reconstructing a face whether it is from 2000 years ago or 200 years ago. If you take a look at any Persian Kings, you will see faces of Bironi, Farabi, Molana, Ferdowsi, Saadi them, because of the DNA similarities among a nations can pass from generation to generation. The same can be said about Vikings, Egyptians, Arabs, Chinese, even the desert people who lived millions of years ago around the rivers and lakes where now are the largest desert in the world todayl
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Ghazal Omid is an award-winning author, commentator, lecturer, and religious scholar.  Born and raised in Iran of Kurdish-Persian ancestry, Omid is a Canadian citizen and a U.S legal permanent resident. Drawing from her diverse heritage, Omid has dedicated her life to finding common ground between people of all faiths and backgrounds. A leading commentator on cultural and religious affairs, Omid has published an award-winning memoir, Living In Hell, and has provided hundreds of radio interviews and television appearances, including appearances on leading cable news networks such as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CSPAN.  In addition, Omid has consulted for members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives on matters pertaining to Iran, human rights, and the peaceful integration of Islam into American society.

Omid is the founder and executive director of Iran & Its, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intercultural exchange and understanding. Through a variety of arts and education programs, Iran & Its has distinguished itself as a vital bridge between the Muslim and western world. Under Omid’s stewardship, Iran & Its has spearheaded a number of groundbreaking cross-cultural initiatives, such as founding an online Iranian and Persian art museum, establishing a dental exchange program, and sponsoring a performance and concert series featuring some of the Iran’s most compelling artists and musicians. In working closely with a wide range of NGOs, individual philanthropists, international organizations and governments, Iran & Its has been an instrumental force for correcting misrepresentations and misconceptions about the Iranian people while heralding the rich legacy of Persian artistic and democratic achievements.

Omid’s latest project, Mr. Nightingale, is a children’s story that tells the tale of a young girl and her best friend and pet bird, Mr. Nightingale. With its moving prose and delightful illustrations, Mr. Nightingale reinforces a timeless message of compassion and generosity.
A large portion of the proceeds of the book will be used to provide medical treatment for eight Iranian children who were disfigured in a 2006 fire accident. Over the last six years, these children have been unable to afford surgery and medical care to restore their limbs and faces. Through the hard work of Iran & Its and its countless supporters and allies, Mr. Nightingale hopes to finally provide the funding and resources necessary to transport the children to the United States where they will receive the care they need.


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