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Austrian Airline plans to launch ‪flights‬ to #‪‎Isfahan‬. If you get a chance and don’t have political ambitions looking for troubles in Iran make sure to visit Isfahan among other cities on ancient Silk Road, part of your life bucket list! Isfahan is the 7th historical city in the world. Some of its buildings dating back to 17th century still are the hob of hustle and bustle of this amazing city or the artist workshop as I call it. It is a world of its own and it is as if has come to life from a movie or some sort of magical ancient book
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Looking for #Volunteers, let me know if you are willing to volunteer with for my #charity . Post your social media and or your e mail address, your expertise and how many hours or days you are available to volunteer please. If you have Twitter, linkedIn or Facebook profile also post a link to your social media I will reply to you, accordingly.

Thank you for your interest.

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+Corazon Siding Thank you please send me a reply to with volunteer for Iran & Its Future heading. :)
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آو تمھیں بتا دو
ایک بات تمھیں بتا دو
کہسار پہ آ جائوں
ارے چاند ساتھ لائوں
آج موسم سہانہ
آج موسم ہے عاشقانہ
بارش کا موسم
ٹھنڈی ہوائیں
ہوش اڑائیں
آجا بانہوں میں
ہونٹ ہونٹ سے ملائیں
بھول کر خطائیں
وفا دوہرائیں
آہ کہ.................
تم ساتھ نہیں
چلو کوئی بات نہیں
تم ساتھ ہوتے
تو پتہ ہے کیا ہوتا
کچھ بھی نہ ہوتا
ہوس کی آگ بجھتا
پھر جلتا
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“You real wealth is not your money but your personality and who you are.” There is an English proverb that perhaps explains my poor translation better: With money people can buy stuff, but not #class or #humanity for that matter.
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Who will #cry for this little boy, this good little boy who doesn’t even cry for help?
Who will cry for this little boy, who is all alone, hurt, forgotten by our world.
Who will cry for this little boy, a good little boy he is, hurt but man enough stoping flew of his tears falling down as he knows soon he will be forgotten no matter what.
Who will cry for this little boy, a good little boy from #Aleppo #Syria who sat in ambulance, cleaning blood from his face, quietly thinking. “Who will give me a life other than what I have seen for the past five years of my short life?”
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Millions have been alerted to his suffering and want his family and friends to be helped.
Other very warped people see him as a huge threat set on devouring their freedom.
Obvious which of the two groups threaten western civilisation.
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I wanted to say: I can’t believe the story to be real until I remembered I get stopped at every airport sometimes many times get red tagged, my flights let go without me being on the board, all because my hair color is black, my eyes are brown, my name is Persian but most importantly I write against those who use #Islam to benefit their agenda. I am called a #Muslim #Terrorist and a #radical more times I care to elaborate by those who advised #President #Bush for war, now advising #Trump, so I rest my case as why this woman was arrested for reading a #book !
A Muslim NHS worker was detained at a UK airport and questioned under terror laws after a cabin crew member spotted her reading a Syrian culture book on board her honeymoon flight. Faizah Shaheen, who helps prevent teenage mental health patients from becoming radicalised, was returning from honeymoon in Marmaris, Turkey, when she was stopped by South Yorkshire Police at Doncaster Airport on 25 July.
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Green way to maximize your earnings. Join the Eco-revolution today! EU Based. Lifetime Income
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My charity is partner with #ShrinersHospitals. Our program can help many children who are missing limbs
but we need volunteers to promote our charity and our program. If you are willing to help and have a large social media platform please let me know. Thank you 
Burned Children Program came to fruition after witnessing real life suffering of a group of young Iranian children who were trapped in their classroom during an accidental heater fire and burned alive while doors and windows of their classroom were shut from outside due to exams being in session ...
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We need #social media #activist to help us with our @BurnedChildren Program. We are a partner of #shriners Hospital.
Burned Children Program came to fruition after witnessing real life suffering of a group of young Iranian children who were trapped in their classroom during an accidental heater fire and burned alive while doors and windows of their classroom were shut from outside due to exams being in session ...
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We are as old as we believe we are!
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I admire those putting their money where their mouth is. Muslims’ understanding of true Islam seemingly different from mine! My background education in #Islamic studies affords me to make the following statement. Wealth in Islam isn’t ’s necessary a blessing, unless spent with a sense of purpose. It’s a heavy burden which wealthy “Muslims” don’t seem to fathom, it’s their #TEST. Wealth can be the reason for punishment when wasted on self indulgence. As Holy #Koran says: “Everything will be measured even if the deeds or sins are as insignificant of an atom’s particle.
More than one-third of school-aged Syrian children registered with the United Nations refugee agency in Jordan – over 80,000 out of 226,000 children – were not in formal education during the last school year.
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Watching #Milwaukee news was shocked by these images. Thought to myself if Martin Luther King was here today, would have said something along these lines: My message is to the undermined impoverished black people wanting their movement #BlackLivesMatters to be heard. Your message is a worthy one don’t turn it into hate and violence.

You may see me as another “White” expressing an opinion, I don’t see myself as white. Didn’t grow up in a culture measuring peoples’ worth based on #skin color. In #Persian #culture, everyone is Persian regardless of color! As a #Muslim, understanding #discrimination far better you can possibly fathom so I speak of experience not giving just another #opinion.
The Milwaukee County sheriff requested the aid of the National Guard after a night of violence and fires following the shooting of an armed man by an officer.
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#Islamic scholar, #Author, #501c3 #Executive, and A #Startup #CEO. Looking for #Investors, #mentors, #advisors, #networking OPP to create successful #companies.

Ghazal Omid is an award-winning author, commentator, lecturer, and religious scholar.  Born and raised in Iran of Kurdish-Persian ancestry, Omid is a Canadian citizen and a U.S legal permanent resident. Drawing from her diverse heritage, Omid has dedicated her life to finding common ground between people of all faiths and backgrounds. A leading commentator on cultural and religious affairs, Omid has published an award-winning memoir, Living In Hell, and has provided hundreds of radio interviews and television appearances, including appearances on leading cable news networks such as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CSPAN.  In addition, Omid has consulted for members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives on matters pertaining to Iran, human rights, and the peaceful integration of Islam into American society.

Omid is the founder and executive director of Iran & Its, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intercultural exchange and understanding. Through a variety of arts and education programs, Iran & Its has distinguished itself as a vital bridge between the Muslim and western world. Under Omid’s stewardship, Iran & Its has spearheaded a number of groundbreaking cross-cultural initiatives, such as founding an online Iranian and Persian art museum, establishing a dental exchange program, and sponsoring a performance and concert series featuring some of the Iran’s most compelling artists and musicians. In working closely with a wide range of NGOs, individual philanthropists, international organizations and governments, Iran & Its has been an instrumental force for correcting misrepresentations and misconceptions about the Iranian people while heralding the rich legacy of Persian artistic and democratic achievements.

Omid’s latest project, Mr. Nightingale, is a children’s story that tells the tale of a young girl and her best friend and pet bird, Mr. Nightingale. With its moving prose and delightful illustrations, Mr. Nightingale reinforces a timeless message of compassion and generosity.
A large portion of the proceeds of the book will be used to provide medical treatment for eight Iranian children who were disfigured in a 2006 fire accident. Over the last six years, these children have been unable to afford surgery and medical care to restore their limbs and faces. Through the hard work of Iran & Its and its countless supporters and allies, Mr. Nightingale hopes to finally provide the funding and resources necessary to transport the children to the United States where they will receive the care they need.


  • Georgetown University
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    Psychology, 1992 - 1994
  • Compu college of Canada
    Computer, 1990 - 1991
  • Islamic Azad University
    French Lit, 1989 - 1993
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Shi’a Islam scholar, Author, NGO Executive, Startup CEO
    Mr. Nightingale, 2013 - present
    A beautifully illustrated children book showcasing Iranian culture and its customs focusing on a little girl and its love for its pet bird, she called Mr. Nightingale. This book is translated to Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese Spanish, Russian, Farsi and Hebrew. Each book has a companion coloring book for curious children who love sketch and paint the same illustrations they see and admire in the book.
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