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Alister Cameron
MD at Cameron Creative. Dad.
MD at Cameron Creative. Dad.

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I'm working at Clear Networks now. Well, I used to 12 years ago, and I'm back!! Anyway, here's our main Whirlpool thread, for questions and such.

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The new piccy of myself I'm using pretty much everywhere...

I got another weird one... 

Memcached can't tell the difference between the standard and the "mobile" version of my client's WordPress blog, which is using the Jetpack plugin's mobile version thingy.

I've not Googled it yet, but there must be a way to work that puppy out. What it means is that if a person uses a mobile, and that's the page that Memcached caches, that's the version everyone else sees until it expires!

Right now my client's homepage is looking decidedly CRAP on a desktop!!!


Got me a problem. I'm running a pretty beefy DigitalOcean droplet - 4Gb RAM but my server is still hitting 100% (!) CPU load - constantly and consistently.

Now 98% of the CPU load is PHP-FPM and the nginx user.

I'm running Centminmod with Memcached/PHP-FPM/ngx_pagespeed/etc.

I'm looking for URGENT help to resolve this. It is orders of magnitude out of all proportion to the traffic it's getting.

Now, I've looked at WordPress plugins - coz there's only one site pulling any kind of traffic, and I don't believe the few plugins running explain it.

It's full on and I desperately need to diagnose and fix.

Any suggestions? Any debugging step-by-step??



Can anyone help? My G+ listed nickname is "alicam" and that's the username/alias I use on most networks like Twitter and Facebook. But G+ won't even let me request! It's offering alistercameron, which is ok, but I want "alicam" and it's not taken by anyone else - obviously!

Any suggestions? Any special Google folk I can talk to?!

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Wondering... what are the chances of having CentminMod integrated into Vagrant? I've been reading about VVV (see link) and it seems a really smart way to manage deployment/s.

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