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F@#k smiley glad-hands with hidden agendas
F@#k smiley glad-hands with hidden agendas

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Question for those in the know. Why are the levels of the story missions so low now? To explain I've been playing since day one. Convinced some mate's to buy so started waaaay back to the beginning to do the story missions with them, but now we have just finished the original story and are level 20. The level difficulty is only at 14. Starting the dark below is only level 15 or something. Back when dark below came out this was like level 22 ish?!? It way to easy now so definitely lacking difficulty. Any ideas why the levels seam all over the place. Hopefully this makes sense.

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So after updating to 13.1 my local/home network is defaulting to roaming. And yes roaming is turned off. I've had my one for well over a year and never had this before.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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Few snaps from holiday with my family. Very happy with how these turned out. Only edit is from auto awesome. 
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Anyone have bugs with OTA 05Q update?
I got updated last night. All going good but having issue with google now.
When I slide across to google now it also opens my keyboard and drop's the search bar down. This just covers up my google now cards.
Anyone having this or have a workaround???

What are your thoughts on flash or wait? Install CM12 nightly or wait for OTA next month? Can't decide...... 

Anyone interested in knowing how well your oneplus will handle a fall. At a friends last night and some drunken fool stumbles into me while holding my +1 at chest height. The result it falling onto a hard wood floor from that height. No screen protector or case................ That moment of. OH F#&K. Or something along that line went through my mind as I bent to pick it up. I am glade to report. . . . . . . . Not a scratch! Or mark of any sort.......... Not sure if i just got off lucky but need less to say I was very happy to have survived it. Love this phone! 

Would anyone like a oneplus one invite. First in first serve.
I have one only and they don't deliver to my country :(
Lucky I already have one. ; )

Ok people question time.

Is having an LTE/4G capable phone a must have?
And is it a big deal to have?

I only ask because i had to ask myself the same question recently. I'm looking at buying a Nexus 5 from America. Problem is the USA version will not have working LTE connection in my country. Different bands or something.
I can't get the 32g version here and the cost to get one through eBay is way cheaper than ones sold here.
With how often I'm on WiFi. Home, work, friend's houses etc
Is not having LTE going to be an issue?

Part of me thinks it won't be a problem the other thinks it will bug the shit out of me not having it.

First world problem i know, but your thoughts / input would be appreciated!

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