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Matthew O'Brien
Adventurer, entrepreneur, social media marketer & content engine architect; stay sane playing hockey, mountain biking, skiing, traveling & giving back.
Adventurer, entrepreneur, social media marketer & content engine architect; stay sane playing hockey, mountain biking, skiing, traveling & giving back.

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Best Beer, Wine and Food Pairing Event Scottsdale 4-29-2017

A great event of top chefs pairing gourmet food with craft beers and fine wines with proceeds benefiting brain cancer research. Get your tickets:

#craftbeer   #beerforbraings   #GBMagile   #braincancer   #foorpairing   #scottsdale  

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Matt OBrien of Mint Social on AI + Business Intelligence for Digital Marketing

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Content Marketing and Social Media for #ASU Students
Presented to an impressive group of #graduate and #undergraduate ASU students on using content marketing and social media to be the expert, and The Hunted for landing a new job.

#socialmedia #contentmarketing #collegestudents #linkedin #newhire #jobsearch

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Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Results with Campaign Experiments

#FailureHacking + #TruthMapping = Predictive Digital Marketing Success Modeling 

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#FailureHacking to Digital Marketing Success - #SSDW Video

Do you look at your competitors to determine your approach to a digital marketing strategy?
Are you playing it safe with you content marketing and chasing after the same keywords that everyone else is?
In the sea of sameness, how is your brand different?

These are some questions that are presented in this first video and start of a series on Sunday Serenity in a Disruptive World, #SSDW. In this episode, #failurehacking and #truthmapping are in the spotlight along with a beautiful orange tabby cat named Laya. Laya knows serenity and disruption and I took a few pointers from her in making this video.

One thing mentioned in this video is a link to our digital marketing audit. The first businesses that respond will get a free assessment to help map out your course to a #disruptive #digitalmarketing #strategy. This is the first step towards creating #contentmarketing #experiments that leverage #failurehacking and #truthmapping.

Digital Marketing Audit (Step one for #failurehacking):

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with failure and what you have learned from hacking through failure towards success.

More at

Episode 2 - #TruthMapping:

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Digital marketing trends for 2017

Entrepreneur Show Pilot with Kimber Leigh and Matthew O’Brien on Digital Marketing.

#eliances #hdbroadcastaz #mintsocial #matthewobrien #2017marketing #digitalmarketing #googleamp #pregressivewebapps

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22 Push-up Challenge (Final Day) Day 22

About 500 push-ups & 22 days later bring an end to my #22pushupchallenge: Help our military to #stop22aday #suicides.

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66 Push-up Challenge - Days 18-21 in One

I missed a few days so today was a 66 push-up day while hiking Tom's Thumb trail.

#stop22aday   #22pushupchallenge   #22kill   #022kill  

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22 Push-up Challenge with Incline - Day 16

Tonight, I nominate: Anyone who would like to volunteer to help spread this message and bring awareness to this tragedy.

This is a challenge initiated by 22Kill. 22KILL works to raise awareness to the suicide epidemic that is plaguing our country, and educate the public on mental health issues such as PTS. Every day, 22 of our military veterans take their live.

If you would like to be part of the challenge and help to stop the 22 suicides that happen on average each day, there is more information on this worthy cause and how to get involved at

- Once you are nominated, your 22 days of doing 22 push ups starts the next day.
- Every day you need to record yourself doing 22 pushups. Try your best to finish all 22 in one video.
- Every day you must nominate a new person. Try to nominate some one you know wants to do this and can finish the challenge.

@022KILL #stop22aday #22PushUpChallenge

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22 Push-up Challenge Raising Awareness of Veteran Suicides - Day 12

@022KILL #stop22aday #22PushUpChallenge
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