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Mark Farmer
Supa tight and outta sight. ;D
Supa tight and outta sight. ;D

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Buying a car for my family was a painful process, made easier thanks to Wildwood Motors. The people there were incredibly nice and helpful. I never felt like I was being deceived, and was treated very well. Despite having a small selection, we found a few cars we were interested in, and Mike (and others) helped compare the two and allowed us to come to a clear decision.

When driving the car, we found a few issues: The door wouldn't close all the way, and the window didn't seem to roll up entirely. After pointing these out, Mike happily agreed to fix the problems free of charge, before the car was sold to us. Upon return, the listed problems were not only fixed, but the brake pads were also replaced, as they were apparently in need of repair.

I would (and will) easily recommend Wildwood Motors to anyone who is looking to buy a used car; The experience is something I wish all dealerships had, and I would have no problem directing someone towards their lot.

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