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So we went to the local greenhouse today. Picked up all the plants we need for the season. Tomatoes, cucumbers, butternut squash, eggplant, celery for the veggie gardens. 2 flats of annuals for the cemetery and a hanging pot here at home.. And assorted succulents, sedums, stonecrops, etc for terrariums which I spent the afternoon creating. 5 pots of plants goes a long way in these things. I ended up with 13 of them. It's a good thing I've spent years collecting glassware for use with polymer clay. Haven't gotten around to using them for that so they were fair game for this.

They're on the top of the washer in the basement until my husband chooses the ones he wants to keep down there and then I'll find homes for the rest upstairs. I've very glad I choose to create them in the basement. I made a huge mess.

Now I just need a dryish day so I can go plant the veggies and seeds (lettuce, spinach, leeks, carrots, green onions).
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Impressive! I haven't a gardening bone in my entire body, so I'm always impressed by people who do :-)
Outdoor gardening I'm pretty good at. I learned the basics from my dad and the rest by trial and error. Indoor gardening on the other hand...I've killed aloe vera by forgetting to water it for 3 years. I'm hoping that these terrariums are more or less self watering once they get going or that I can remember to water them once or twice a year. Succulents are pretty forgiving.
Yes, I have a succulent, and it's one of the few things around here I haven't managed to kill ;-)
Keep us posted on the garden!
Yesterday I planted the tomatoes, celery, and eggplant. And the carrot, leek, spinach, lettuce and green onion seeds. The viney stuff (cucumber and butternut squash) must wait until I get a patch tilled for them. And I need to find a home for the asparagus experiment. I'll try to remember to go take pics tomorrow.
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