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A senior was brutally beaten in broad daylight in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, and witnesses say a security guard's quick thinking helped catch the alleged attacker.

A picture, sent to Eyewitness News using the #ABC7Eyewitness showed the victim lying on the ground next to a pool of blood.

Los Angeles police said the attack happened around 3:40 p.m. near a Whole Foods on 7th and Olive streets.

A transient, said to be mentally unstable, punched and kicked the elderly man several times as he was walking down the street, police said. Witnesses said the senior lives in the neighborhood.

A security guard from the Whole Foods grocery store across the street witnessed the attacked, pepper sprayed the suspect and held him down until police arrived.

The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Waltay Simmons said the transient man tried to flee, but it was too late.

"When I asked him what was his problem, he said 'He tried to rape me,' and then he turned and looked at me and started charging at me, so I pulled out my pepper spray and pepper sprayed him. And then he dropped all of his stuff, tried to run away and I tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him," Simmons said.

Teresa Morales said she witnessed the attack from her second-story window.

"He pushed one man and then he headed to the other man, took his back pack and hit him and stopped on his head," she said.

People who live in downtown L.A. said they often encounter homeless people who are on drugs or have a mental illness or both.

Just last week, the L.A. City Council voted to restrict the amount of belongings the homeless can have on the sidewalk and said they can sleep there only between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., but homeless advocates said the restrictions will not help the problems in the area and on Skid Row.

Police said the unidentified suspect was arrested and is being charged with attempted murder.

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Canadian security agencies on alert, Trudeau expresses shock at Paris attacks
Political leaders responded on Twitter after reports of several attacks in the French capital.
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Policemen patrol the streets during gunfire near the Bataclan concert hall on November 13, 2015 in Paris, France.

By: Bruce Campion-Smith Ottawa Bureau, Published on Fri Nov 13 2015
OTTAWA—A grim-faced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed shock and sadness at the Paris attacks as Canada’s own national security agencies went on alert.
“Obviously our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to our French cousins during this dark and terrible time,” Trudeau said Friday night.
“These terrorist attacks are deeply worrying and obviously unsettling to epopel around the world. We have offered all of our help and support to the government of France, to the people to France at this time,” Trudeau said, as the death toll in Paris topped at least 120.
“We will continue to engage with our allies around the world in ensuring the safety of Canadians and others, both here at home and around the world,” he said.

Security forces and police arm themselves outside the Bataclan concert hall, where a hostage situation took place in central Paris.

Trudeau made the remarks Friday night at Ottawa airport at a hastily called news conference, done just as he prepared to board a military Airbus jet bound for a G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey.
The shocking incident ensures that the issues of terror and security would be thrust onto the agenda. French President François Hollande cancelled his planned attendance at the high-level meeting, his place to be taken by France’s foreign minister.
While those responsible for the attack were unknown Friday night, there was concern it might be traced to Islamic State extremists, the very group Canada and other nations are battling in Iraq and Syria.
Trudeau noted that it was still “very early moments” in determining what transpired in Paris. “It’s too soon to jump to any conclusions.”
“Obviously governments have a responsibility to keep their citizens safe while defending our rights and freedoms. That balance is something the Canadian government and indeed all governments around the world will be focusing on,” he said.
However, Trudeau was silent on whether the attacks would change his resolve to end Canada’s ongoing combat mission against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria. Canada has had six CF-18s fighter jets based in the region, taking part in the multi-national air campaign, since October 2014.
However, Trudeau has pledged that his new government will end that combat role and perhaps beef up other aspects of Canada’s mission. In addition the fighter jets, Canada also has a small team of special forces soldiers based in northern Iraq where they are training Kurdish fighters.
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City of Cleveland to hire armed security guards to patrol West Side Market parking lots

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The parking lots behind Cleveland's historic West Side Market soon will be protected by armed security guards during business hours.

Cleveland City Council on Monday passed legislation authorizing the city to spend $86,000 a year on what city officials said will likely be off-duty Cleveland police officers, replacing a contract with Willo Security for unarmed guards.

Susie Claytor, the deputy commissioner who oversees the Public Auditorium and West Side Market, told members of council during a Finance Committee meeting Monday that the new contract will cost more than the current one, given that police officers have more training and arrest powers. But she could not recall how much the current contract was worth.

Council members pressed Claytor to explain why daytime security guards at the lot should be armed. They wondered if there had been an uptick in crime in the area, necessitating armed security.

Claytor said she believes the administration is merely trying to take preventive measures, and that the new contract is just one step in the process of assuming control of the lots from the West Side Markets Tenants Association, whose lease on the lots expired last year.

Councilman Joe Cimperman, who represents the Market District, said he welcomes the legislation and looks forward to other ordinances, which, he said, will be aimed at improving parking overall in the booming neighborhood.

Cimperman said the city is considering six different options for structuring parking fees at the lot. He foreshadowed legislation that will propose up to two hours of free parking and a charge of up to $2 for every hour after that.

He said the fees will encourage turnover and deter RTA riders or attendees of downtown sporting events from leaving their cars in the lot for prolonged periods, limiting available spots for market patrons.

Without a remedy to the neighborhood's dearth of parking spaces, Cimperman said, market customers who can't find parking go elsewhere. He acknowledged, however, the pushback from some market vendors, who want the parking problem solved but oppose charging their customers to park.

"It's going to get more intense before it gets less intense," Cimperman said of the debate. "The reason is that I want this market to be open when our grandkids are alive. ... We own this asset. Let's lead."

Councilman Michael Polensek, who voted against hiring armed security guards, expressed concern that the city might charge the market tenants more in rent to cover the increased cost.

"I just want to make sure that in 2015 we don't screw something up that has been there for 100 years," Polensek said. "I want to make sure that, in the true sense of America, these small business people are protected."

Claytor said that next year's leases have not been finalized, and that she is unaware of how the cost of armed security would effect those agreements. But she added that the parking fees that eventually will be collected will help fund the lots' maintenance and other expenses at the city-owned market.

Cimperman added that the expense for armed guards would be in keeping with what market vendors used to pay to cover maintenance under their old lease on the lots.

Tommy Boutros, president of the tenants association, could not be reached for comment Monday.

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VANCOUVER — A former Vancouver taxi driver who sexually assaulted a female passenger after blocking the security camera in his cab to avoid detection of his crime has been sentenced to three years in prison.

In November 2014, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Gurpreet Singh Gill, 38, guilty of the attack on a 25-year-old woman, who can only be identified by the initials J.K. due to a publication ban on her identity.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 2, 2012, J.K. got into a Yellow Cab being driven by Gill after attending a bachelorette party at a downtown Vancouver nightclub.

Moderately intoxicated, she gave directions to the father of two young children to drive her to her boyfriend’s home in Coquitlam, phoned her boyfriend to tell him she was on her way and then reclined her seat, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Before the sexual assault, Gill put the passenger-side visor down and blocked the cab’s security camera in order to evade detection of what he was about to do, Justice Patrice Abrioux said in his ruling Thursday in a Vancouver courtroom.

Gill then reached over and touched J.K.’s leg. She reacted by brushing his hand away and saying, ‘No.’ He put his hand back on her thigh, higher up than before, and she tried again to brush his hand away and said, ‘Stop.’

Gill moved his hand back to her thigh, rubbed it and moved his other hand higher, pushed her underwear aside and stuck two fingers into her vagina. She reacted by saying, ‘Stop,’ and struck his forearm, then moved closer to the passenger-side door.

Gill grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him, tried to kiss her and slobbered on her cheek.

When the cab arrived at her destination, a tearful J.K. ran across the street and told her boyfriend she was never going to take a cab again.

In imposing sentence, the judge said the aggravating factors included Gill’s abuse of his position of trust as a cab driver, the lowering of the visor to evade detection and the digital penetration of the victim.

“This was disgraceful and disgusting conduct committed by a man in a position of trust who J.K. was entitled to believe would transport her in a safe and reliable environment to her destination.

“The offender’s conduct was aggravated by him lowering the visor to evade detection.”

In addition to the three-year jail term, the judge imposed a 10-year firearm ban on Gill and ordered that he register with the sex offender registry and provide a DNA sample.

Gill, who was on bail, sat quietly in the prisoner’s dock and had little reaction to the sentence.

The offender, who has no prior criminal record, testified at trial, denying the sexual assault and claiming his passenger made advances to him and consented to him. The jury however did not believe him.

Court heard that Gill, who was born in India and has permanent residency status in Canada, fears deportation after he serves out his sentence. Under the current law, an offender sentenced to a jail term of greater than six months loses the ability to file an appeal of finding by immigration authorities that he is inadmissible for citizenship in Canada due to criminality.

The Crown had sought a sentence of three years, while Gill’s lawyer argued for a suspended sentence or a jail term of less than six months.

The victim, who was not in court during the sentencing, filed a victim impact statement saying the attack “haunted” her and she continues to suffer from anxiety and nightmares. She said she doubts she’ll ever by the trusting, happy and free-spirited individual she was before the assault.

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Chris Brown hires security team
Chris Brown hires security team-Image1
Chris Brown hires security team-Image1
Chris Brown
Chris Brown has hired five more bodyguards.

The 'Loyal' hitmaker has reportedly increased his security team to ensure nothing happens on his 'One Hell Of A Nite' tour that could be used against him by Nia Guzman, when he attends court in two weeks to fight her for joint custody of their daughter Royalty.

And the 26-year-old singer wants one guard to look after his money and jewellery at all times, whilst he has also reportedly stipulated that no one will be allowed to come backstage without his permission.

And he's so worried about giving a good impression that he has told all the dancers and crew that they will be sent home if they don't act appropriately, gossip website TMZ reports.

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed that Chris had laid down some new tour bus rules when he was joined on the road by his little girl.

He requested his friends do not smoke, drink or swear whilst on the bus and banned any of them from bringing groupies on board.

He also told them he would be playing Disney movies through the loudspeaker for Royalty's enjoyment.

The star has been met with a lot of bad luck recently after his Los Angeles home was burgled by armed men and five people suffered injuries when a gunman opened fire at one of his nightclub appearances.

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Your safety and security business holds a large amount of duty and also if your impulses are informing you that they are not the best firm for the task, it is time to start an extensive hunt for a brand-new house protection firm. Optimum security is a Vancouver based security company providing all kinds of security and peace of mind. Other Vancouver security companies are no competition to Optimum security Vancouver.

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Optimum Security is a security company offering a wide range of security services catering to companies both large and small.

We have developed a reputation for high quality Having in the security industry, we are growing rapidly and becoming one of the fastest growing security companies in Metro Vancouver, serving the BC and Alberta. At Optimum Security, we are committed to the communities we help to protect. After all, we are more than just security professionals: we are citizens. And we take pride in helping to make communities safer place, not just for our clients, but for everyone.Find the security services that are appropriate for you and contact us for a Free Estimate.

On-Site Professional Security Guards:

Optimum Security guards have been trained to world class security standards. Our security guards possess impeccable communication skills, are physically fit and well trained in decision making. Once selected, each candidate must then undergo our extensive training academy programs. Our security guard services include loss prevention, special services unit and corporate secu

We invest a great deal in our Security offices, through training and management support, to equip them with the skills they need at the front line to represent both our customers and ourselves.Motivation is vitally important and our security officers are encouraged to excel in their roles, not only in the delivery of excellent services but to enable them to develop strong relationships with our customers that are built on trust. We will provide the right security officer to precisely fit those requirementsOptimum Security is the premier security guard company In the greater Vancouver area, and the Fraser Valley. We have won more awards for superior service than any other company in Canada. We accomplish this by selecting only the highest quality of prospective guards through our extensive screening processes including testing for aptitudes, security knowledge, bilingualism, and job proficiency. We are security consultants with decades of experience in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley security guards industry, and will provide a free security consultation. We devise a security plan mitigating all risk factors and write customized post orders and trainings manuals for our security guards.Optimum Security guards have been trained to world class security standards. Our security guards possess impeccable communication skills, are physically fit and well trained in decision making. Once selected, each candidate must then undergo our extensive training academy programs. Depending on your specific needs our guards can be trained in any area you choose, including but not limited to the following:Basic Security Training BSTAdvanced Security Training ASTAdvanced Supervisor DutiesCPRFirst Aid & AED TrainingC.G.S.B. Guard TrainingC.G.S.B. Supervisor TrainingNon-Violent Crisis InterventionPublic Relations TrainingCultural Sensitivity TrainingSite Specific Training


The main function of an Optimum Security Mobile Patrol service is to act as a deterrent against potential thieves and vandals on the very premises being patrolled. Patrolling your neighbourhood in marked vehicles our trained patrol officers are reliable, vigilant and inspect your property as often as your needs dictate. Optimum Security patrol officers will inspect building premises, fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and the doors and windows of your business. ThroughoutVancouver, Surrey and the rest of the Lower Mainland our Mobile Patrol service is offered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our experienced mobile drivers operate reliable patrol vehicles that are all equipped with GPS tracking.

Vancouver Security Company

Vancouver Security CompanyOptimum Security is widely trusted security company in providing quality services. We are a company that is insured and licensed. We have all the necessary certifications and licenses from the relevant authorities. Therefore, while providing security systems and security personnel, we observe the set standards of practice.At Optimum Security having a high performance record is essential. We are a home grown Vancouver security company that guarantees the safety of our clients.

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Optimum security is now providing security services in the province of Alberta
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