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sports fashion film animals bagels festive interns and more

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Find out what you absolutely don't need this summer (But actually really do need)

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Vanity Fair hung out with 4 people. #hangoutsonairCory Bond, carlscrush, Bag Snob, and Erika Bearman

Dear ladies,

Can you please buy a smaller bag? Everytime we get in a cab together a look of panic comes over your face, a look of panic that I at this point have sadly come to know all too well "OMG I don't know where my phone is, look!" You don"t say anything at first and start to rummage through the Giant sack you call a bag.  I watch. You manage ok at first as you start to move around things that certainly don't need to have with you at all times (why do you have running sneakers in your purse? do you even run?) But then the real panic starts as you start to check and re check pockets and compartments over and over in a frenzied sort of badger type manner. Then you voice it out loud "Oh My God, I think I lost my phone!" "no you haven't I say exasperated, check again" you do, but you are secretly annoyed that I have even implied that with your frantic pawing through your bag that would have missed it. Then the moment comes, you check that one pocket you never use. There it is, like it always is, while we waisted 5 minutes when we could have been talking about American Idol and boys. Get a Clutch!

roses are red, violets are blue, leggins are not pants

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perfect for a rainy day. 

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Hey bud, what's going on? Watcha wearing, some fun pants? Do you like them cuz they have stars on them and you think it expresses your personal style? Well, that's not the case- you look like you broke into someone's house and stole their kids pajamas. What's that? It's ok cuz you paired them with biker boots so it makes it more edgy than creepy? Wrong again. It may have worked for Elle and American Vogue in the 90's but its not a thing any more, I promise you, and p.s., you are in your 30's, edgy shouldnt be your thing anymore. 

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A quote by Coco Chanel that I haven't read before…"A woman without perfume is a woman without a future…"
A-mazing…! And so true…CoCo Noir, one of my FAVORITES!!! --Sunhee Grinnell, Beauty Director at Vanity Fair
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Wanna make your gay co-workers day? Tell him you couldn't figure out if he was gay or straight when you first met him.

One of my greatest regrets in life is that me and the old gang never tried to be a boy band.

Don't stop believin' just came on and I feel like throwing back some wine coolers and singing along with my girls.

UGGS are the french manicures of footwear

My boyfriend can be so distant, do you think it could be because he's not real?

He said pb & j and I heard BJ, well, that turned out differently than both of thought it was going to.

If I had a boyfriend I would leave him sweet notes like, I miss you so much and I wish you were real.

do you have fashion Faux pas questions? please tweet to me at @carlscrush with   #Thelunchbunch  and @corybond @oscarprgirl and +Bag Snob will answer your questions at 2 30 pm tomorrow live in our google + hangout.
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