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Noloyiso Lange
English Teacher with a love for people, music and the written word.
English Teacher with a love for people, music and the written word.

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I'm hiding out here today... Where I know no one

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I Can't Get No Satisfaction
"Drink from that wishing well but may it never quench your thirst."  I hate this concept, because it encourages us to keep desiring more from our lives. But when you want more it's usually out of dissatisfaction with how your life is in the moment. It's the...

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I wrote this last year in an attempt to romanticise what has now become my nemesis. Every day I wake up in the wee hours of the morning - wide awake. Sleep deprives me. Thoughts crowding my head. So many hours lay ahead. Ahead. I thought I was moving ahead....

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Another Sonnet
While this one did not follow all the the conventions of an English sonnet, I found that it was the most pleasant to read. Enjoy! By Ana Fuca Pedro Your poems make me feel all warm inside. When I'm with you, my heart glows Sometimes I just can't decide. Wha...

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The English Sonnet
The most rewarding thing about teaching is when your learners surprise you. They take an assignment that you have given them and they run with it. I have been teaching my grade 9s the English Sonnet,its  structure, thought patterns and themes. I then challe...

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Not Yet
You know you're almost thirty when your Facebook newsfeed is filled with friends not only getting married, but filling up their houses with their offspring. Sometimes it occurs to you that you should be there too, but those images of the sun setting over th...

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Whenever I want to hide in plain sight, I come here :)

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Nearing the End
An old house builder who was approaching retirement was asked by his employer to build one more house before retiring. He had spent many years building some of the most beautiful houses ever seen and he was now tired. He did not put much thought into the ma...
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