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Microsoft announces TypeScript and releases an Emacs mode for it.


The problem is that the TypeScript.el file says:

"Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc. [...]
This file is part of GNU Emacs."

Uh?! Hey Microsoft, don't you care about copyright?

See this blog entry:

To download the zip with the TypeScript.el file:
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Maybe this is what they want but that's really not the way to do it.  Anyway, I'll ping the author directly.
I've been starting to play with TypeScript.  The first typescript.el I found was 0.1 at  Copyright notice is different, and mentions 2012 (rather than 2010).  Also asserts copyright holder and author as Microsoft Open Technologies.  

When I tried +Bastien Guerry 's Zip file link, I just got a text file saying "The file is temporarely unvailable".  (Sic!)  

Looks like Bastien's ping got acted on too rapidly to spellcheck.  
My guess is that +ErgoEmacs fixed the preambule himself (and forgot to fix the "This file is part of Emacs" sentence...)

But yes, apparently the MS guys are in the (very long) process of fixing the .zip archive...  let's wait and see!
it's funny MS made that error.
the file on my site is pulled from their zip file, unedited.
Maybe they've updated it.
So far they did not.  Or maybe I'm not checking at the right location.
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