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Jim Steele (skeptic)
Educator and Author promoting Wise Environmental Stewardship
Educator and Author promoting Wise Environmental Stewardship

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Falling Sea Level: The Critical Factor in 2016 Great Barrier Reef Bleaching!
    It is puzzling why the recent 2017 publication in Nature, Global
Warming And Recurrent Mass Bleaching Of Corals by Hughes et al. ignored
the most critical factor affecting the 2016 severe bleaching along the northern
Great Barrier Reef – the regional fa...

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How NOAA and Bad Modeling Invented an “Ocean Acidification” Icon: Part 2 - Bad Models
  Are the Oceans’ Upper Layers
Really Acidifying? Bad models, not measurements, have suggested ocean acidification in the upper layers of the oceans. As detailed in Part
1 , NOAA’s Bednarsek, incorrectly attributed the dissolution of sea
butterfly shells to...

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How NOAA and Bad Modeling Invented an “Ocean Acidification” Icon: Part 1 - Sea Butterflies
If you google “ocean acidification,” the first 3 websites
presented according to “ Google’s
truth rankings ” are: 1) Wikipedia, 2) NOAA’s PMEL site featuring the graphic cartoon shown below with a dissolving pteropod shell
(a sea butterfly) as the icon of o...

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How Gaia and Coral Reefs Regulate Ocean pH
Although some researchers
have raised concerns about possible negative effects of rising CO2 on ocean
surface pH, there are several lines of evidence demonstrating marine ecosystems
are far more sensitive to fluxes of carbon dioxide from ocean depths and th...

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The Coral Bleaching Debate: Is Bleaching the Legacy of a Marvelous Adaptation Mechanism or A Prelude to Extirpation?
A Warm Evolutionary Legacy Despite increasing confirmation of the Adaptive Bleaching
Hypothesis and its ability to explain coral resilience, most people are unaware
of its debate within the scientific community. The ability to rapidly adjust to
changing env...

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Kevin Trenberth’s Climate Attribution Studies versus Useful Science - Part 1 Hurricane Sand
Useful climate science helps humanity adapt to natural
weather patterns and plan for future extremes. Minimizing risk would be a wise
course of action, but too often humans have ignored nature’s indicators of high
flood risk and continue to build on flood p...

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Does Global Warming Rally Increase Snowfall???
So why did more snow accumulate and glaciers advance during the cold of the Lttle Ice Age?? Trenberth’s 1999
paper framing the effects of global warming on extreme precipitation
declared, “With higher average temperatures in winter expected, more

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The Kevin Trenberth Effect: Pulling Science Back to the Dark Ages - Part 1 Droughts and Heat waves
In my essay on the natural causes of Pacifica’s Coastal Erosion , I reported on how California’s coast has still not
reached an equilibrium with sea levels that rose at the end of the last ice
age. I also suggested the media and a few scientists give the pu...

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Pacifica, California’s Natural Coastal Erosion and the Lust for Climate Catastrophes
For 25 years I’ve lived in
the beautiful town of Pacifica, California situated about 15 miles south of San
Francisco. It was a wonderful place to raise a family. Its great expanse of
green space is a delight for an ecologist. My daily hikes vary from coasta...

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2015 Arctic Report Card: NOAA Fails Walrus Science!
Good scientists fully understand that complex
issues with high uncertainties require two or more working hypotheses. NOAA
failed to communicate the great uncertainties and alternatives. Instead NOAA’s
report card made claims that hinge on the
unproven hypot...
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