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Rebecca Walker
Passionate about Horseback Riding, Genealogy, and Bridge,
Passionate about Horseback Riding, Genealogy, and Bridge,

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GMP Performance
I know performance is a point of frustration with Genome Mate Pro (GMP) for some.  I can see a significant difference when loading data into my husband’s computer versus mine. There is no doubt that GMP is much slower importing data than the old app. This i...

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Import Issues?
Having issues importing data?  Data not there or rejected?  Formats occasionally change but most of the time the issue can be resolved by following these steps: Verify that the data is not being hidden because of a filter selection on the Chromosome Browser...

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Triangulation and ICW in Genome Mate Pro
The purpose of this post is to explain how triangulation and “in common with” (ICW) work in Genome Mate Pro. Chromosome Browser From the Chromosome Browser page, right click on a Relative to see what segments triangulate with that person and the profile per...

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My Kirk Family
DNA evidence
has been extremely useful in confirming my Kirk family as well as moving the
family back several generations. Lucinda Kirk Lucinda Kirk
was the wife of Henry Ridenour of Mercer Co. Missouri per my Aunt Blanche and mother of Thomas Riley

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Genome Mate: 23andMe Ancestry Composition
There's a new feature in Genome Mate that will allow loading of the 23andMe Ancestry Composition (AC) file from DNAGedcom into Genome Mate generation zero base segments. Step 1:  Download or Create AC File The  Ancestry Composition file can be downloaded fr...

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Genome Mate: Segments Option
In Genome Mate, a segment is defined as a slice of DNA associated with a set of ancestors for the current profile person selected.  Segments are a way to defined what DNA for the profile person was inherited from which of their ancestors. Let's first descri...

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Genealogy: The Paper Trail
DNA genealogy research is painstaking, detailed analysis of both DNA matches and the paper trail to confirm shared ancestors.  Excluding adoptees, about 90% of the matches with whom I share DNA have not put together a basic family tree so trying to find a c...

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Genome Mate: Import Data Page
The Import Data page is the main function for imputing bulk data into the application.   To update your database with new matches just load a new version of the input file.  Genome Mate will skip duplicate data and just add the new matches and relatives. Ge...

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Genome Mate: Match Details Page
The Match Details page is the main page to use for documenting what is known about about a particular DNA match. It is opened when a DNA segment on the main page is selected. Match Details Page Before explaining this page in detail, let's take a moment to t...

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Genome Mate Overview
Genome Mate is a desktop tool used to organize in one place the data collected while researching DNA comparisons. Besides data storage it has many features to aid in identifying common ancestors.  See  Genome Mate Home Page  for details on installation. The...
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