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The Fermi Paradox

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Please Obama!

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Call for the Establishment of a Public Health Training Program for Medical Professionals
The 62nd session of the WHO regional committee for EMRO convened in Kuwait City, Kuwait last week. The session examined a range of important topics including developing a framework for action on strengthening medical education. Medical education is becoming...

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That film about money

Money isn't really money.

#money   #economy   #economics  

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10 Years of YouTube: Evolution of Viral Video

Clips from 101 of the most viral videos of all time.


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Revoking citizenship—government of Kuwait's newly-found toy to crush political dissent

Once praised as the region's most politically open country, [the government of] Kuwait is increasingly penalizing political dissent in ways that were once perceived by the government itself as overkill: revoking politically active citizens' citizenship and effectively leaving them "stateless".

The government of Kuwait has—over the past three months—revoked the citizenship of around 30 Kuwaiti nationals.

Interestingly, one characteristic that unites all these cases of revocation of citizenship is that their victims have—explicitly or otherwise—expressed their demand for greater transparency and accountability, greater public participation and democratic governance, and a firmer stand against corruption on the part of the government. 

#Kuwait   #Democracy   #Corruption  

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A few days after bragging about Egypt's ‘unlimited’ freedom of press, Sisi confiscates all copies of a local newspaper.

Egypt confiscates newspapers after president makes press freedom claim 

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Human Migration Across Cultural Centers

A recent paper by Schich et al. on Science illustrates beautifully the trends of human migration and activity that have shaped the world culture as we experience it today. Using publicly available data from the database, the researchers have charted birth (blue) and death (red) places of more than 120,000 of the world's influential intellectuals.

The animated chart demonstrates how cultural centers have risen and fallen throughout much of the human history. Transportation inventions like railroad and cars have had a visible and interesting effect on the trends of human migration, which can be clearly seen. In addition, the animated chart reveals the connections between the cultural centers: patterns of human mobility between them as well as growth of their metropolises.

You can read the full paper here: DOI: 10.1126/science.1240064

#anthropology   #sociology   #culture   #socialnetwork  

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The Story of Frane Selak: The Luckiest Unlucky Man To Ever Live

Based on the true life story of Frane Selak.

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