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Mark Osborn

I was wondering what the Ninemage Council of the Kobold World have been thinking about with regard to plans and schemes surrounding the direction of new Pathfinder content within the world of Midgard, particularly with PF2 on the horizon......

Advanced Races for Hero Lab?

Are there any plans to have the Advanced Races Compendium for Pathfinder added to Hero Lab?

I was wondering if there are any plans for future Adventure Paths in the Mharoti Kingdom?

Since I have been signed up to the Midgard World (using Pathfinder) I have used 16 of the prepared adventure paths to lead my players through Zobeck, The Margreve, the Far West and over the last year, extensively through the desert lands of Nuria Natal. They will soon be returning to Zobeck from Siwal as Tenth Level characters and I am going to give them a nine year break to fit in with the 10 year update of the new Kickstarter Campaign Setting.

After their 9 years of no adventuring, during which I expect at least one new Zobeck inn to be established by one of my players and for another to become a member of the Nine Mage Council of Bemmea, I was intending to take them deep into the Mharoti Kingdom and so wondered if there are any plans for any medium to high level adventure paths in that part of the Midgard world?

Hi, just popping in to say hello. I'll keep hold of this life raft just in case the ship goes down.


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Southlands Campaign Finale

Later this year I will be ending my Southlands Campaign with my player characters reaching Tenth Level and returning to Zobeck. It has been a great ride so far and I wish to thank all at Kobold Press for The Southlands Campaign Setting, Eleven Arabian Nights and The Southlands Bestiary, all of which I have used extensively in my campaign.
Nuria Natal
Nuria Natal

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Today the faded Old Faerun Map comes down off the wall and the shiny new dark blue seas around the land mass of The Southlands go up!  I have not delved into the "Forgotten Realms" for over three years but it has been hard to take down the old map.  Now, as I am approaching my Midgard Phase Two Campaign based in Nuria Natal, it seems like the time is right!
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Hi, is there any news or update on a Pathfinder Southlands package for Hero Lab?

Can someone help with a couple of Gearforged issues please?  Should the character have NO CONSTITUTION score, and if so, how should this be built in as part of a points build?
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