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About damned time.
Will you help make this happen? If not by donating then by sharing? It's my band's new album!

I'm going to run Spirit of the Season in FATE Core via ARRPG. Any recommendations on that?

I can't help but think of the horrors that are to come from Periscope :(

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Prepping for sesh #3...#AtomicRobo 

What's in your toolkit for Fate?

I'm running Fate for the first time using the Atomic Robo RPG. I was wondering what people bring to the table. What are your tips and tricks and accessories for making things go smoothly? For example, blank notecards, 3x5, what do you use them for? Dry erase boards, table tents, figurines or maps, themed fate points, character-portrait pins or name tags, anything that you use to help you get things going and keep things Fate-erriffic.

I can't tell if the Star Wars RPG Beginner Box is good. I like playing it. It could be because Carolyn bought it for me. It could be because it is fun playing with Trevor, Steeps, Leah and Peter. It could be because I haven't played an RPG in way too long. It could be because the game is good. Probably all these things.
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