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I don't believe a mom needs anyone but herself to believe she's doing a fantastic job.
I don't believe a mom needs anyone but herself to believe she's doing a fantastic job.

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31 for 31
Happy Monday! I turned 31 on Friday. Please don't sing "Happy Birthday." The only reason I don't post my birthday on Facebook is because I avoid that song like the plague. I hate it. HATE IT. Have you ever noticed the more people involved in singing it, the...

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Why you're not invited to the wedding
First off, this is not intended to you, probably. You probably stumbled onto this page via a pin on Pinterest and are looking for a sure-fire way to cut down that invite list. Let's be honest, at $80-$200 a plate, you end up categorizing your friends and ...

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Let It Go ...
Sorry there aren't more photos in the post. I was busy doing mom things at Target. No, I am not referring to the newest song terrorizing parents and Facebook feeds. I'm using that title to refer to the feeling a parent must get when they can't say exactly w...

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Why I Like My Fitbit
This post has been loooong overdue. Basically, any post I write has been overdue. But, here's the reason. It's small. Clips to my bra. Has helped in me losing about 10 pounds. (Well, 15, if you count some of the weight I put on over the holidays that I cons...

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It's her party, and I'll cry if I want to
Even this party planning committee would be in hell trying to find a space for a 3-year-old's party. I am currently in the throes of planning L.'s third birthday party. It's kind of awful. When the fiance set out to finish the basement, I was told there was...

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Kicking butt
I recently took a new job, hence the lack of posts in the past month. I've learned with myself that if there's a big change in my life, I need to give myself time to adjust. Maybe it's my INTJ personality , or maybe I've just learned that I adjust better wh...

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Thoughts for my future high schooler
Having L. as a toddler right now, she's very happy with the world in general, I think. It's difficult to understand tantrums that come from things like not wanting to get dressed or not being able to fit a toy potato into a toy tea kettle because, in my hea...

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Why I like Myers-Briggs
Last year, as part of my obsession with immersion into all things The Art of Simple (formerly Simple Mom), I listened to Tsh's podcasts on my commute to and from work. One of the topics she talked about was Myers-Briggs personalities. I took a little psycho...

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Happy New Year!
From the Self-Evident Supermom household to yours, have a very happy new year! It's as if she's mocking me, saying, "Oh, you fool, you think 2 is bad? Wait." This year will bring a new job (surprise, surprise!), a new schedule for both me and L., the dreade...

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Christmas Eve thoughts
Right now, I'm currently without my daughter on Christmas Eve. It's sad. I don't have cookies and milk out, although I know Santa will come. (The photo shown at the right was taken a few weeks ago.)  Our Elf, Banjo, has already flown back to the North Pole ...
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