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Yuki Kimura
Let's Enjoy Japan and World!!
Let's Enjoy Japan and World!!


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I decided to go to Australia in this August.
I gotta find the place to live and job in Sydney!!

Does anyone have any idea how to find job and living place in Sydney?
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What do everyone think where is good place to live in Australia for japanese who want to work there for one year and learn english by staying there(I don't go to school in Australia) ?
Give me everyone's idea!!
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i did weird work for my job...]
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Shunsuke Nakamura's football juggling!!
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I am going to Australia this August so I am looking for friends in Australia*o*
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Hello Everyone.
My name is Yuki Kimura.
I am living in Japan.
I am planning to go to Australia in July to learn english for one year or two years.
So I want friends in Australia.
I would be glad if you contact to me!!!!^^

I would like to make my own website by using WORDPRESS though it is difficult^^;;
Does anyone here who know wordpress ?
Teach me please!!!!
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Hi there
I'm planning to stay in Australia for one year from next year though I don't know where is good place for me.

I wanna find host family, or someone who want to share house with me, I wanna get a part time job .

I would be happy if you give me any idea:D

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