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All kinds of FIFA 16 players
I will give a summary for all kinds of players to provide a reference for all FIFA Coins gamer, so that they can choose the players convenient according to their requirement.  The details as following. Players in Different Positions 1.Legend Defender in FIF...

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The Best Cheap High Potential Central Midfielders of FIFA 16
Some midfielders can disrupt the opposing team's attacks, some can create goals, and some have equal responsibilities between attack and defence which called central midfielders. A good cheap fifa coins central midfielder can both improve the team’s defendi...

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NBA 2K16 Players Cards Tips: the strongest Amethyst Team
The guide provided by is based on gamers' experience and players' stats. If you are interested, then you can check it out. NBA 2K16 MT is not a football game that merely reply on player cards. Both lineups and players' individual performances...

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NBA 2K16: How to Equip and Customize Tattoos?
Here will show you how to equip and customize tattoos. Some players in NBA has beautiful tattoos. It can be equip and customize in NBA 2K as well.  NBA 2K16 mt coins  will have over 1,500 customizable tattoos design for the first time in franchise. This tat...

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Blade and soul: Number of Ideas for Trove
When replying with thoughts/ideas of your own, please reference the letter of the idea that you are responding to thank you, I'm Blade and soul in game. All of these are just ideas/suggestions I've had. A: I feel like at the top of the screen it should show...

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Blade & Soul: Players willing to trade kills for the
We are part of a Cerulean guild, but will be starting the game as Crimson so that we can avoid the waiting period if we started as Cerulean, switched to Crimson, and then tried to switch back to Cerulean. I and some friends, are looking for players willing ...

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FIFA 16's New Year's Eve Team of the Week Features
FIFA 16 has made Ultimate Team so popular that EA Sports is delivering another five players every week so that the community can have even more options, with players selected from all included championships based on their performance during the previous wee...

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With a good chunk of European leagues enjoying the winter break, this week's squad features mostly players from England's various divisions. It was the traditional slate of Barclays Premier League matches on Boxing Day, with all twenty clubs in action. In M...

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Game Mode of FIFA 16 Novice Guides
Here as we explain in detail FIFA 16 Mobile Getting Started tutorial. With FIFA 16 different versions of the release, we can see that FIFA 16 Points mobile version has changed a lot compared with the previous generation. The player's actions more coordinate...

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The Next Upsate Patch Coming To PS4 And Xbox One Since Patch 5
The same update should be making its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One consoles very soon as well. Since a new FIFA 16 update patch has now been released for the PC platform. This new update patch is number 5 for FIFA 16. All of the changes were mentioned on th...
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