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$16.50 from Bountiful Baskets. Think it's worth it? We do!

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Love Bountiful Baskets ( ). Get some good produce there every week!

Recording a special for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Hopefully our music will help America and those who support her continue to heal.

One thing I've noticed about Google+ is that there are a lot of people I've never met who have added me to one of their circles often because of a comment I've made on a post. Some people who have added me are people I haven't seen in years. Some are people who added me because I added them. And then there are the people I see frequently IRL. The first two categories are the ones I'm mainly interested in.

I'd like to know more about you, and I hope you can take a minute to answer a few questions. In the spirit of fairness, I'll answer the questions as well in a follow-up post.

What do you do professionally?

If you have spare time, how do you like to fill it?

What are you using G+ for?

How are you choosing who you add in your circles?

Creamy or Crunchy?

About to go see Harry Potter! I hear there might be another one called Hermione's Revenge.

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Divine Comedy strikes again!

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Are you a developer? List all the developers on Google+ you know here. I want to create a circle for them.

You know it's going to be a good week when you show up at work and realize your laptop decided to stay at home.
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