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Cali, do you know Lisa Pugh?  You two are my favorite 'gals' that I'll never meet.  I do think you two would love to visit each other. No joke!

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If you have been stranded on the equator of Mars, welcome back.  Say hi to mom and then hear Daria Musk.  This young lady makes us all smile on so many levels G+ would never let me get them all in.
Laughing In The Face Of The Monday
Back in the 'lil studio with +RAM Rich!

There's such crazy magic in songwriting and making music! One minute there's silence... The next there's your heart, your dreams, your fantasies dancing around the room with you!

Dropping Serious Beats and Melodies for 2013 ;)
I'm letting it rip, holding nothing back, learning from the maestro here and I can't wait to open some hangouts and get you G+niuses in on this! 

Go laugh in the face of your lions Monday!
XO, Daria

#LaughingInTheFaceOfTheMonday    #Monday   #MemeMonday  

I am only adding to the conversation of school safety.  My two cents worth is my personal feeling that non lethal's would make more sense than trying to find, train, and pay a minimum of a half million armed security guards.  There are no easy answer's to such an emotional and tragic problem. I just feel that teacher's, coach's, band director's, support staff and administration 'folks', could be trained and equipped with taser's and other such weapon's. I know a taser is not as good as a gun. I also know that a trained, armed security guard in every building of every school in the United States has no chance of happening. As I type this post teacher's are being laid off due to the lack of money to pay them. Just for the record, I do not own a firearm but most of my family and friends do and that is their right and that right should not be taken away. 

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I would be totally thankful for all of you to give these young artist an ear.  You will not be disappointed.

I have found two "acts" in the last week I will be introducing to all of you, maybe as soon as tonight.  After hearing 20 or so on my "night out" out of the blue two Seth Freeman Band ( and MoonshineMafia ( have the skill and originality to be, like 'our' Daria Musk is becoming, household names. 

"Free at last, Free at last,..." Of course the gentleman who spoke those words is such a hero of mine personally,  I hope everyone know's I choose those word's on something so very small in comparison out of love, honor, and respect.  OK,  my cpu blew sky high, again, my fault, and I have spent DAYS trying to add windows service pack 2 to a borrowed cpu. Last night, actually early this morning, I ; Jake Parker, THE PC's worse nightmare, by god did it. I'm back with Chrome, Gmail, G+ and all the rest and damn, "It feel so fine gonna have a taste of wine."  Seriously,  friends know, I want anyone who see's this post to know; Google company rocks. By choice I have been living "home" in rural central Arkansas taking care of the day to day life stuff for my mom who is ill,(but gonna make it!!!!), and can not open a door unless the door has the knob used for the handicapped. Almost a year and a half now I plugged in a pc and found a world I knew nothing about and fell in love from head to toe. "Stuck" in the beautiful middle of nowhere sucks. It is as simple as that.  Believe as you want, I could care less, but I don't lie about anything.  I have to drive ten miles to speak with another human, except mom, that has discovered we have a "black" president, troops from our wonderful homeland are out of one of the conflict's that proved to be senseless to lose life and limb in the first place.....; three syllable words, and now day's a person can ** inside their dwelling without causing "Hep. A.B,C and more yet to be named." ty, From my heart and soul this damn machine I can not work correctly as yet, has saved me from moving back to Houston, or a new home city, and doing what I know I am supposed to do for a lady who has always do 'all' for me. Jake
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