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Hi everybody. The 10th VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) conference starts today at 11 AM PDT in Secondlife. If you're going I look forward to seeing you there (my avatar is Olivetree Lighthouse) and if you've never been to Secondlife before, it's a great opportunity to jump in and explore the environment and how educators have been using it. This is a link to the conference calendar .

If you're new just

1- go to and create an account (choose a name that you like. Choose an avatar but also know that you can change later)
2- Download and install this viewer . It usually works better than the official one.
3- Let me know your Avatar name so that I can send you a friend request and let me know when you would like to try it and/or which sessions you can attend so that I meet you and show you around.
4- make sure you have a working headset.

From what I've heard, this year's conference promises to be a really good one with good examples of how Virtual Worlds have been and can be used in education.

I've volunteered to help in the conference, which means I'll be in-world a lot so if you cannot make it to a particular session but would like to take a tour or try the environment any time please let me know

I hope to see you in-world.

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woot! I've just discovered my first ZombieSpawner while mining near my hideout at the Mesa biome . This picture is after I neutralized it and the contents of the two chests that were in the room (yay for the saddle and music discs). :)

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Feels good to help heal someone :)
This is a picture of Olivetree trading with her first zombie villager she saves .
Now the trick is to take him to his new family, and for that I think she will wait till one of the experts are online.
btw he's yet another cleric, still no farmers . At the moment we don't have any farmers at Hinderval and Glitch which got me searching for information about the spawning probabilities. No wonder we don't get many farmers.

One more thing, did you know that there's a farmer type called "Nitwit? lol

Find all that and more here

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Here's the doodle. Please select the times that you can come play with us to explore a Desert Temple .

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yay look what I found while exploring on my own. A Desert Temple. I can't wait to enter, but I prefer to give us all a chance to explore it for the first time together. So, can we use the doodle again to see when the majority can play please? I created a warp to it but I would really appreciate it if we do this together :) thanks

hi everyone. Unfortunately I seem to have missed everything I was actually looking forward to. For some reason I stopped receiving notifications from the group. The became suspicious about the radio silence but it was too late already when I came to check.

In any case I just wanted to say congrats to all those who earned their badges and a big thank you to all the organizers and my co-learners, I really enjoyed learning and playing with all of you. Thank you so much +Jo Kay for all the sharing I really enjoyed our conversations and thank you soooo much Mattie (+Jane Chien please pass on my thanks :)) for inviting and grouping with me for fun adventures and for teaching me about potions :)

+OliveTree Lighthouse and I are looking forward to continue the adventures :)

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I found this creative and fun video while browsing and thought to share it here

I am so sorry I have to cancel my play time that I'd planned for today but I will try to make up for it soon. Something came up that I have to do with the family.

Have fun all

Few questions on my mind for discussions :)

What's the importance of using real names in a course ? How does anonymity affect communication? Would you insist on kids use their real names?

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I found these tutorials very useful when I was learning at the beginning but still useful after a year of playing :) Language is very family and child friendly
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