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Denton Gentry
Curmudgeon-y software engineer, and father of three.
Curmudgeon-y software engineer, and father of three.
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Google's B4 WAN is AMAZING. I love the big red button in the design. I hope that it remains accessible in the event the network shows signs of achieving sentience.

My second reaction: Wow. near perfect utilization.

My third reaction: In 30 years, this sort of thing will seem obvious, and old hat, and primitive.

But, wow.

I'm pretty sure the very large men sitting at the next table were players for the Arizona Rattlers, according to their shirts.

Holy cow. They're huge.

I've met Paul Kinlan, in person. He looks just like he does on TV.

At stoplights it is important that at least one person not be staring at their phone.


Pecan Pie > Pumpkin Pie


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Zoo day with kids.
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So... Disney. Star Wars reboot?

I long for the days when my happiness could be influenced by how many Twix bars I'd scored.

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Bit of a cold case.

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The Food Truck Mafia in Fremont.
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