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About Character advancement, something I don't fully grasp: When figuring up the number of character points necesary for increasing a skill, that total skill level is the sum of Attribute + Skill dice, isn't it?

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In the last night WiP game a question came up: how a Possible power is played in the fiction? easy is self explanatory. Difficult need time, control or concentration. Borderline in a life threatening situation. But how a possible power is triggered, able to be used or played in the fiction?

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Yesterday we had a great time playing WiP. Although my game group is not very fond of superheroes we really got caught by the system and the fiction it came up.

Worlds on Peril in Catalonia.

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Breachworld in action with three RPG newbies teenagers. We all had real fun! Thank you +Jason Richards​.
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My next Breachworld one-shot game fully announced at "Un Tast de Rol" RPG Con. Sold-out! :)

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We keep on playing Breachworld. Is there any rules for flaws?

On the other hand, how you determine the body, armor, hardness whatever of a inanimaye object. For instance, when players want to break down a door o poke a pipe with a gun.

So, with my first run Breachworld session some questions and comments came up. First thing first tough, we had a very good time! 

1) Rules for helping? How a character can help another one? Specifically, two characters wanted to lift a garage door.

2) We found the damage system  very "gritty". Once you are damaged the "death spiral" is inevitable. We somehow fixed this by letting the Medic healing without having to wait for a whole day, as a kind of first aid.

2.1.) We used the increment optional rule for damage. It just seemed right. Although it makes the system even more deadly. 

3) Epic powers TN could be very high. We fixed that ruling that even if the character fails their roll, the power activates, but with the -1D loss.

4) Surprise combat rules? What dodge a character has if it is surprised in combat? We applied a -5 to dodge, does it looks right?

5) We also added uses for the Quote and Personality entries at the character sheet: If the player manages to say aloud the character quote in an appropriate situation  it gains a Fate Point (once per session).  On the other hand, players are rewarded a character point (once per session) if they play they character according to its personality.

To resume up, the simplicity of the system brings some huge gaps but contributes to its versatility.

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Breachworld game announced in a local Con "Un Tast de Rol" (An RPG tasting) at Cerlà, Catalonia (Spain).
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