Fidget Cube (Real one from Antsy Labs)

Previously, I reviewed a knock-off version of Antsy Lab's Fidget Cube, a small, anti-stress toy originally designed for those who compulsively fidget and may be beneficial to those with an autism spectrum condition. I have finally, after much delayed, received my shipment of a real version of this toy from Antsy Lab's themselves. My notes from the previous review of the knock-off version can be transferred to this one. I will detail the main differences below.

Better Material Quality
The Antsy Labs version of the cube is made of a more durable, less cheap feeling plastic. The knock-off version is lighter and the cheaper, glossier plastic made it slip from my hands.

The joystick here on the real fidget cube has less degrees of movement and technically is more like the analogue circular input stick you would find on the Nintendo 3DS/2DS line of portable gaming consoles. It does have the advantage of not sticking out as far as one the knock-off cube, making it less prone to breakage when dropped, which I have with both several times already.

The switch mechanism is more satisfying and can be left in a neutral position.

The gear wheels you can turn are a bit loose but are easier to move due to this.

The buttons have a more positive feel, both on the clicky ones and the silent ones which also have more resistance compared to the knock-off.

The dial has a clicky feel when turned. It makes a sound similar to a zipper if turned quickly enough. I got to say I preferred the knock-offs smoother feeling dial.

The cube also comes with a small storage pouch for convenience.

P.S. Forgot to post the link to purchase it.

It is a bit pricey once shipping is factored in at £31.75 with shipping. However the adage "You get what you pay for" is true here.
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