I have a few lapel pins or badges I have acquired in the course of my work. Some are souvenirs given to commemorate certain events I have worked at. Others were just given out as promotional items. One of the main problems with these lapel pins is that the butterfly clutch that fastens the pin is sometimes fragile and sometimes breaks after a few uses.

While trying to look for somewhere I can purchase more butterfly fasteners, I found an alternative that seemed more sturdy. A seller on Amazon has these solid plastic badge backs that grip tightly onto the badge prong instead of relying on a mechanism. The pictures below have one of these clasp backs next to a standard butterfly clasp back and also attached to a badge to give you an idea of the fit. So far they seem to be doing the job and for 3 quid you get about 50+ of them, so plenty of replacements for when they do wear out. There is also a direct Amazon link to purchase these badge clasps below.

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